Leadership Coaching: Seeing Problems As Opportunities

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The Consequences Of Excellence

“For those who are given much, much is expected”, as the saying goes. Power, strength, extraordinary bestowments have benefits as well as drawbacks. In fact, such gifts may even come with consequences. Excellence is expected of an individual the moment he becomes a leader of the company. Being in the seat of the boss means you should aim for the best spot in the crowd. The expectations can become so demanding that you have to make sure that you live up to them. You have to be more persuasive and assertive in your endeavors as you address any issues covered during your term. Leadership also calls for you to be more detail oriented. You need to make the most out of the skills and potential of your people and compensate their efforts well. Leadership is doing the best that you can to achieve the best results.

Being in executive leadership, you are now in the top spot and in the demanding corporate world. Such a competitive and challenging environment will test your skills and grit as a person. The long time customer has just withdrawn from your contract, or five of your cargo ships need immediate repairs. You simply cannot say “I can’t” or turn your back in these situations. An excellent boss always does something and finds means to reverse negative circumstances. Dealing with setbacks or leadership problems requires the boss to “have some space for mistakes.”

Keep A Rein On Situations Gone Awry

When you are in the helm of a big and complicated organization, these circumstances are given. They call for you to be more optimistic and positive. Getting discouraged and being pessimistic do not create solutions and they show that you are incapable of being a leader. Be keen and perceptive, and foresee what problems can happen in the future. Doing so makes you able to prepare and plan for a better approach of solving them. Be in control and know how to turn the tide so that your ship docks to a better shore despite navigational errors. Even your lapses can give you an edge in preparing for possible problems in the future. Consider them as learning experiences so that you’ll know your boundaries and be more cautious.

“Turning the Tide”

If your long time customer suddenly withdraws from your contract, drowning your frustrations in inebriation and regretting will not do any good. Instead make a thorough review of the cause. By doing this you will be able to find possible ways of retaining the customer. Get a clearer view of the picture and see what needs to be changed or improved so that you accomplish a better craft.

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