Leadership Coaching: Rock Climbing Lessons In Career Success

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Progressing in your career is a lot like rock climbing. Why? Let’s examine the analogy by considering these tips in climbing the career ladder.

  • Seek the guidance of a belayer/ coach. As a first timer in rock climbing, you’ll typically get the nerves. It takes the help and encouragement of a belayer to get you to start out pluckily in your feat. What is a belayer? Whenever you are climbing, a belayer is the person who keeps the rope fastened in the belayer device. A belayer is a very important assistance and support in rock climbing. He or she makes sure that you don’t hurt yourself or fall over the rocks. In rock climbing and in climbing the career ladder, find a good belayer or coach who pays good attention to you and whom you can work along well with. My belayer Don was fantastic because he provided the right coaching according to my level. He led me to the right spots so I can easily climb up the rocks. In the working world, a great coach acts like a belayer. He or she boosts your confidence and your belief in your own abilities so you can move fast and further on your progress.
  • Boost your confidence and sense of security with a support system. I thought rock climbing would be an exciting adventure, and I’m glad a few of my friends decided to try it with me. All of us climbed rocks according to our own levels of skill and capacity. There were times when some of us wavered and thought we can’t go any farther, but other well- meaning friends in the group started to cheer. It was motivating and it boosted our morale and our strength to pull ourselves up the rock. In the same way, choose your closest peers who will be your support group. You’ll need to prop up each other so that you can meet your career and personal objectives.
  • Find other ways to be resourceful. You can’t expect to move at the same pace with every rock climber in your team. Unless you’re the best climber, there’s always going to be a climber ahead of you and there will be climbers behind you. You have to move at your own pace and maximize your speed. Is it a chimney climb you need to do? At some points you might decide to do a vertical worm dance, whatever you deem is fit so you can climb up faster. It’s the same thing in your career wherein you’ll have to excel in your area of specialization and others do well in theirs.
  • Keep your focus on where you are going. Having great mentors and supportive peers is important in your career climb, but be sure about what you’re getting into and keep your focus towards getting to where you want to be.

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