Leadership Coaching: How To Manage Stress In The Workplace

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The key to a sound and productive life is balance. Moderation is the vital concept here wherein doings and takings are done with temperance and self control. What about stress? Stress can be had in moderation. A totally stress- free life is boring. The right kind of stress gives an added push, and in the workplace it can motivate employees to perform better. Then again, there can’t be too much stress in the workplace, too. It will be detrimental and harmful to the well- being and productivity of employees.

The workplace is a place where people exert effort to do their jobs. They have to keep up with the standards and expectations of their bosses. There’s a superior that monitors how they work, that’s why the workplace is typically a stressful place. Stress in the workplace has to be managed so that employees can feel comfortable and happy while doing their jobs. As a result, they become more engaged and productive.

Stress Management Tips In The Workplace

  • Organizing and efficient time management. Make a to- do list of tasks and prioritize. Don’t say “yes” to every invitation; learn to say “no”. Every “yes” to a distraction or temptation equates to time taken away from an item in your list. Ask help or delegate to lessen your load. Don’t aim for unrealistic goals.
  • Have regular breaks from work. Take some time off from your desk and go somewhere else. Five minutes will do. You need to move around a bit for physical activity. Try going up and down the stairs in the building or take a walk.
  • Breathing and relaxation. Do breathing exercises, it is an effective way of relieving stress. Pressure from work can be overwhelming sometimes, making you literally catch your breath. A simple relaxation technique is breathing through your nose. It’ll make you relaxed and energetic.
  • Positive working environment. Arrange the workplace so that it becomes functional and pleasant at the same time. Adjust the temperature, lighting, noise level, etc. so that distractions are minimized.
  • Laughter and sense of humor. Lighten up. Smile. You don’t have to take everything seriously, even yourself. Learn and then laugh it out when you’ve made blunders at work. Be congenial and people around you will be accommodating.
  • Choose your friends. Go with positive and optimistic people. Going with negative people gives you unnecessary load and stress. Take things lightly and keep a positive, encouraging attitude and go with optimistic people.

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