Leadership Coaching: How To Create A Nice Workplace Culture

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A Nice Culture Makes Work Fun

Having nice people in the workplace makes work fun, that’s why a successful organization ought to establish a “nice” culture. If you want innovation and prosperity to inhabit your workplace, be nice. How do you think your employees feel about Sunday night? Is it a dreadful day of the week, or do they sleep early because they’re going to be back to work tomorrow? People who work for you should feel like it’s fun to go to work.

There’s that attitude of “positivity” which makes people pleasant and nice. Positivity in your workplace begets productivity and profits, according to Jack Mitchell, an upscale clothier, in his work Hug your People. How do you hire “nice” people? Here are 4 criteria outlined by Mitchell which were featured in a recent Gallup management journal.

4 Criteria Of Hiring Nice People

Hiring “nice” people means:

  • Hiring people who are open, honest and have a sense of integrity
  • Hiring people who have a positive attitude
  • Hiring people who are competent
  • Hiring people who are passionate to listen, learn and grow

Being nice in management and leadership creates a comfortable and reassuring culture where employees have fun. They look forward to go to work. With such a positive attitude about their jobs, employees thus become more willing to learn and grow. Enthusiasm is the critical energy, the essence that breeds innovation and creativity and bring forth a flourishing organization.

In your management and leadership, there is a choice to commit to, and that to encourage engaged employees to be eager to contribute their input. As a leader and manager, you should be accommodating to the input of your employees. In exchange for the leadership’s sincere and genuine intentions are the trust, engagement and commitment of employees. How do you accommodate your new hires? Invite their opinions in the same way as you welcome the opinions of tenured employees. If you want to be surrounded by great people in your organization, allow opportunities to discover greatness in the domains of your business.

How To Create A Nice Culture

Here’s how you create a nice culture as Mitchell describes:

  • Inculcate an attitude to please by nurturing positive relationships that are grounded in humility.
  • Work by standards and expectations instead of rules which are cold, unbending and breaks trust. List the outcomes that you want to be fulfilled.
  • Celebrate the value of your people and create a solid and inspiring vision and mission statement. Include your people and make them feel like they really are a part of the business.
  • Clarify your intentions to listen and use your employees’ input. Engage your people.
  • Be fair, especially in giving rewards to your people according to their effort. Fairness does not mean equal.

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