Leadership Coaching: 5 Tips To Become A Better Leader And Manager

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What makes a leader? Leadership comes in big and small packages. Do you believe in yourself and are are willing to tackle significant responsibilities? If so, then you can be a leader in your own right. In an organization, people typically draw the line between leadership and management. The fact, however, is that leadership and management as organizational responsibilities are intertwined. One needs the other to be optimally effective. How can you be a good leader and a good manager at the same time? Here are some tips.

Tips To Become A Better Leader And Manager

  • Live by the credo of “Time is Gold”. Be aware of the significance of your tasks and endeavors especially when they involve time. Your character as a leader and a manager is gauged according to how you handle time. Do you arrive on time in your appointments? Respect other people’s time in the same way that you want them to respect your time. In the business world, it is an absolute fact that time is gold.
  • Take a break from work to rejuvenate yourself. Too much work can kill you, especially if you are a job oriented or a career oriented person. Take ample breathers, so to speak. Have enough rest to recharge your energies. Then can you be in better condition and well- being to continue with your work.
  • Don’t forget people who have helped you. Appreciate those who have helped in one way or another to make your job easier or so that you can advance in your career. If you have been promoted because of their help, this is particularly important. Be aware that you wouldn’t have been able to enjoy your current favorable position without their help.
  • Learn from others. Don’t be arrogant thinking that you know everything. Learning something new every time is a good leadership habit. Leadership and management are a continuous learning process. Be particularly aware of what’s going on in your team. Knowledge and awareness gives you more clout to implementing your leadership. Take time to ask and consult the right people to gain more information.
  • Help others. Do charity work or join some organizations that give opportunities for you to share your blessings, especially to the less fortunate. These endeavors are also avenues wherein you can be aware of the realities of life. This, too, is a learning wherein you can gain a better perspective about yourself and standing in life. Altruism gives you happiness and alleviates some of your burdens.

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