Leadership Coaching: 3 Steps To Assess The Energy Level In The Workplace

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People have personalities, which may be happy, positive, fun and grateful, or stodgy, grumpy, arrogant and jerky. Organizations have personalities, too. What is the personality of your organization, and how is it? To answer these questions, you need to assess its character and energy level. Typically and intuitively, people wouldn’t want to be around negative nellys or grouchy glendas. We absolutely wouldn’t want to deal with negative personalities in the CEO or customer service as well. Why? Because negativity infesting your organization can cost you tons of money. Let’s examine.

  • As a leader, walk through the workplace or the store. How do you think the employees or customers feel? Put yourself in their shoes. Do a bit of probing. Call the customer service. Obtain feedback from employees. Ask them what they think is the best thing that’s happening in the workplace or the business and what is bugging them. When someone complains about a certain area or a behavior in the staff, can you feel the dread or the energy being sucked or drained in the room? Look and listen carefully. Be objective for now and refrain from making any judgments. Just thoroughly assess what you see, hear and feel.
  • Listen honestly and extend your support to the staff. Be prepared because you might be hearing the brutal truth about how employees feel about the workplace and the company. Be ready to hear negative feedback. You might have been in the same situation as the employees before, so be a bit empathetic and understand why they feel that way. When you visualize your organization and compare it with a person, do you see it as something alive or vibrant? Or is it grumpy, stuck or stodgy? The company might have been busy making money or solving a crisis that the problem has been ignored or hidden. You might have become oblivious and have hardened yourself to the sentiments in the workplace, just like how work has become monotonous and uncaring. Honestly listen and reach out to your staff.
  • Examine the extent of the negativity by looking at patterns. You can find these patterns based on age, location, gender, sales and services and in the executive leadership and management. Cultivating a way of being will help you create sustainable energy in the workplace. Ask for assistance or coaching so you can obtain an outside perspective. It may be difficult to discern some patterns because they are mysterious. Consider this thought: You want to create a personality for your organization. Just like with people, you would want to your organization to have a personality that you can rely on as a loyal friend.

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