Lead Nurturing: It’s About Building Trust and Relationships

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Let’s face it–not everyone you meet is a prospective love interest or partner in life. And you don’t marry someone on the first date. Just like in sales and marketing, not everyone you meet can be potential sales leads and you don’t approach random strangers everywhere and simply sell your wares.

When it comes to lead generation and especially lead nurturing, the essence of building relationships and fortifying trust cannot be overstated. It’s a common scenario for sales people when they contact sales prospects each few months or so in order to briefly talk to them and ask if they are ready to purchase.

That crucial time between the initial ‘not yet’ or ‘perhaps’ and down to the subsequent telephone call is the most ideal timing to show to the prospects by way of regular appropriate contact the value you could give to their businesses. This is the significance of lead nurturing in terms of a complicated sale wherein that interval from initial call down to closing is generally several months.

Nevertheless, when you say appropriate contact, it does not mean attempting to sell anything; it only means giving prospects the information they need. So, can your prospects gain from the valuable information you offer not considering whether they will purchase anything from you? Here are 3 tips to find out:

1. Know the person you are talking to. Evaluate your database and recognise your audience based on their common demographics, like their industries, titles, usual behaviors, and most importantly, how these people initially engaged with you and their reason for doing so.

Doing this would aid you in targeting the most relevant information to the proper individuals and how they would prefer to make use of it.

2. Discover their pain points. Directly speak individually to your audiences in order to know what more they would love to know about. You can ask these questions.

* What kind of issues or concerns matter to you?

* What type of service or information will help make your life easier?

* What kinds of information influences or helps your decision to buy?

3. Be an instrument to alleviate that pain. Avoid selling at this point. Just simply identify and make content that could aid them with their concerns. You can give them information at regular periods such as every month. Sooner or later, your sales prospects will think, “Well, this firm has truly helped me before. They have provided me with valuable information I could utilise.”

Therefore, the next time your sales team calls, they never have to engage in some small talk till they finish off with another boring line regarding the lead’s readiness to buy. They could carry out an engaging conversation regarding the newest article, or blog post, or whitepaper which was relayed as part of your lead nurturing campaign. And not to mention that this process can give you that advantage taking into account that a massive 65% of b2b (business to business) companies never have any sort of that program.

Hannah Hamilton works as a professional consultant. She helps businesses in UK increase their income by lead generation and appointment setting services via telemarketing. To know more about this visit http://www.callboxinc.co.uk/.

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