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Label printing is usually done on self-stick adhesive labels, simply because they are easy, quick, and efficient. They don’t require heat or other activation sources, making them more economical and less hassle than the rest. They will also help to improve the printing and handling process because of their design. Here are a few examples of types of product labels that you can expect to see:

– Static Cling: These labels are printed on PVA, a vinyl substance that is statically charged. This allows the label to then stick to anything that is a smooth, flat surface with little effort. You’ll see these types of stickers on window advertisements and decorations, as well as many other places. 

– Ultra-peelable: These labels are specifically designed to leave no residue and do no damage to the product because they are easy to remove. For example, when you buy a picture frame or a new vase, you don’t want the sticker on there or any of the leftover gunk, which is where the ultra-peelables can come in handy.

– Peelable: This particular label style is designed to be removed. It is stuck to the product well, but is also removable without damage or leaving anything behind. It still is a strong sticker, and won’t come off unless it is pulled off. This is perfect for those items that need a barcode or label directly on the product without any packaging. 

– Permanent: These labels are exactly what they say they are. They will be adhered to the product so well that attempting to remove them will damage the label or the product unless a solvent is used. Medications, food, and drinks are great places to use these labels. 

– High Tack: High tack adhesive is permanent and goes on very quickly and grabs hold very hard. Anything with a rough surface or a dirty surface is a great place to find these labels because they might otherwise be difficult to label in many cases. 

– Freezer or Frost Fix: While most labels won’t hold up in a standard freezer, these labels are specifically designed to do just that. This one will hold and not be damaged all the way up to temperatures of -40 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Label printing has become fully customizable and can provide solutions for just about everyone with all of these great options.   

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