Know the Most Popular Printing Methods

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With advancement in technology, a number of printing services have developed and a whole set of printing methods has emerged. Each method is suited for a different commercial purpose and it is therefore important to know the various methods in order to understand which type is best suited for a particular project.

Following is a brief discussion on the popular printing methods used in the commercial market today:

Digital printing:

This method of printing is new and is extremely effective as it rules out the use of plates and films and can be used instead, digital technology where the file to be printed is transmitted to the press from the computer. Digital printing is effective because of its working speed and this makes it a convenient choice in most offices where projects have time constraints and deadlines to be met.

Electrostatic Printing:

Here, the printing process is similar to that in the photocopying process where colour is made to stick to the drum and is then transmitted to the paper by fusion with heat. This method of printing is effective too as the process is quick and it also works out cheaper for short print runs.

Offset Lithography:

This method of printing is by far most popular. The process involved here is the offsetting of ink from a metal plate to rubber cylinders and then its transmission to paper. Offset Lithography works out to be economical for projects where a large number of prints are needed.


This is oldest method of printing, developed by Gutenberg and is still quite popular in the present day’s market. Here, the image and non-image area are on different levels, the printed area being raised from the base surface (as in the rubber stamp).


This method of printing is popularly used in the printing of expensive or fine stationery as in the case of company letterheads. It is used for sharp images and print texture is such that the image appears to be indented.


Thermography produces prints with raised images formed by the adherence of a special dust or powder to wet ink. As the name suggests, heat is used to fuse the two together to obtain a raised printed surface.

Screen Printing:

This is a popular method used for professional printing on goods that are not flat, like mugs, clothing, etc. It is also used in the printing of large-scale signage and billboards.

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