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Those dreaded sales objections seem to hit you right when you are ready to close. As soon as you start your pitch the sales objections start “coming out of the woodwork.” How do you move past the objections? How can you keep these deal killers from creeping into your sale in the first place?

Well the short answer is… You can’t. The sales objection is here to stay. In fact it has always been here and always will be. If you happen to sell a product without any objections then those objections might start arriving to your desk right after you deliver the product. I like to call that a return.

Professional Salespeople learn how and when to deal with all objections. The goal is to kill as many of them as possible. Notice that I said “as many as possible.” That’s because not all sales objections are valid. Some are just thrown at you to knock you off your path to the close.

Again the Professional Salesperson has to uncover which objections hold real merit to their customer. Which needs to be completely covered and which needs to be ignored takes experience and a whole lot of questioning.

In terms of learning when to deal with objections my goal when conduction Web Based Sales Training classes is to teach the students to start uncovering them in your probing questions. As soon as you hear something that doesn’t sound quite right – Write it down.

Listen and write down exactly what the prospect just said. Those words will come back when you start to pitch the prospect. Listening and writing down the prospects responses is so important that I actually have note pads made up with this reminder stamped on them: “Take Notes – What did you prospect just say?”

What your prospect just said is that they have concerns. These concerns are your future objections.

While you are probing for your prospects need and wants they will undoubtedly tell you what they like or dislike about you, your product and your competitors. Typically during the probing section of the sales process the customer is doing most of the talking and it is here in this section that the real objections arise.

The goal of probing for the customers needs is not just to find the perfect product it is also to find all of the objections that may arise when you start your pitch.

Here is a tip that you should use: During that probing section the customer may prompt you to cover the objection that was just raised. My advice is to wait and gather them all up. Your best recourse is to gather them up and cover them at one time during the pitch. So when they prompt you to cover a particular objection feel free to say: “That’s interesting would you mind if we keep talking to see if there are any other items that I will have to address?”

The reason for waiting and collection all of the objections is that if you have to start defending your product by covering one objection after another then your prospect will only remember your products problems. Your prospect will not remember your solutions to those problems.

We have talked about when to uncover the objections – again we will uncover them during our time probing for needs and wants. Now that we have the objections how do we kill them?

Killing the sales objections requires some skill but luckily it is easy to learn. 1st and foremost you must know everything possible about your product and your competitor’s product. This commitment to learn the ins and outs of your business will separate you from the other sales representatives, and believe me other sales reps will be calling on your prospect.

What you need to do is arrange the objections from most important to least important. Remember this is your prospects arrangement not yours. Your price may be way to high and you think that is the deal killer but your customer may be thinking ROI or delivery may be the problem.

Don’t assume you know which objection is the most important – ASK. My students in my web based sales training always ask me “is it okay to just ask?” Of course it is, otherwise you will just beat around the bush and never figure out why the deal will not close.

So ask: “Mr. Customer here is a list that I suspect you find important to you. Can you tell me where I should start and why?”

Once you have the list in order then start knocking them out with truthful answers followed by a reason to buy that is tied back to the findings from your probing questions.

As an example: “Mr Prospect you are right my product is a bit more expensive and we can’t hit that exact delivery date. However – you told me that you needed an above average ROI and my product above all our competitors delivers exactly that. In the end isn’t that what it is all about?”

The way to kill all objections is to find reason for your customer to purchase your product. You then use those reasons to overshadow the objections.

Look at it this way… you make a beautiful, fully functional product that does exactly what the prospect needs. If that statement is true then just use the benefits of the product to kill the sales objections. State the objections then state why the benefits of your product outweigh any perceivable issue.

David A. Peterson is an independent New Hire Sales Trainer and Sales Consultant in the Atlanta, Georgia area. He has over 20+ years experience in sales, sales training and sales management. His experience covers both managing and training outside remote regional sales representatives as well as inside call center agents.

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