ISO 27001 for Larger Organisations

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You could argue that the larger the organisation, the more information there is to protect, and although this isn’t always the case a larger organisation often has much more to lose if there were to be a major disaster when it comes to Data Protection. Companies who store customer’s personal and sensitive information are required by law to keep this data safe and secure. The government has set out a cyber security plan which suggests there will be some sort of standard to adhere to in the UK, but you can get ahead of the game by implementing the ISO 27001 standard into your organisation.

There are a number why becoming ISO 27001 certified for a large organisation is vital but the most important is to keep customer’s personal data protected. Your organisation may record detailed information about your clients, from date of birth, address to exactly how much someone is worth – and this information, in the wrong hands could be extremely damaging. Having a high level of information security is crucial for this reason but to also remain trustworthy in the eyes of your clients and also to evade any legal penalties.

When implementing the ISO 27001 standard any personal data you store as a company will be protected on two levels both the information security itself and also the management of the processes surrounding the system. The two aspects go hand in hand, there is no point having an all singing all dancing security system if your staff do not know how to manage it.

Ensuring your staff know exactly how to deal with your management system is sometimes the hardest task – especially in a larger organisation. It is also sometimes forgotten that not all security breaches are caused by malicious external threats such as viruses or hackers but from internal staff errors which take place because staff have not been properly trained. One great advantage of the ISO 27001 certification is that you will be provided with a handbook which can be used to train your staff, which should relieve some pressure off your IT department.

The act of keeping data protected can be a juggling act simply because the threats are constantly changing and developing. The information security management system implemented by the ISO 27001 certification works on a ‘plan, do, check, act’ methodology which means that it is constantly reviewing and updating itself so new security attacks are quickly brought under control.

Mark Jones works for QMS International, a UK-based company providing ISO 27001 certifications worldwide. For more information about becoming ISO 27001 certified, head to this link.

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