Is Mobile Marketing A Fad Or Is It Here For The Long Term?

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If you were to buy a new mobile phone, what’s the first thing that pops into your mind? Nokia? Samsung? Mac? Blackberry? Motorola? LG? Initially, brands come into mind and then you start comparing the different features, pros and cons. Is there any chance you’d consider buying an unknown brand? Why do you think a shopper prefers to buy a specific brand over another that may be of better quality and made? Why do we always buy products based on brands?

There are millions of products being sold in the market but a huge percentage of these brands are unknown to consumers. Fact of the matter is only mega brands engage in aggressive marketing and advertising to drive brand awareness and capture a good amount of market share. To be known as a reputable company and be the brand industry leader is a legacy passed down from generation to generation. These companies live by the fact that investing millions of dollars a year on marketing is worth every penny to remain relevant and to keep the reputation of being a trusted brand. After all, marketing is the backbone of sales.

So how can small-medium entrepreneurs gain leverage in a vast ocean of bigwigs? Small players understandably have a tight marketing budget that somehow they just have to make do with word of the mouth, small-scale internet marketing across existing patrons, friends and family, fliers, local radio ads and the local daily. These marketing and advertising mediums are limited, expensive and sometimes are just not effective. Luckily, there’s mobile marketing.

Compare the number of radio listeners, TV bums and news readers to the number of people using mobile phones. You see there are 880 million phone subscribers in US alone. There’s practically no limit as to the number of prospects and customers your ad can reach. Plus, you only get to pay minimum cost for SMS bulk software that you can use for any kind of gimmick (i.e e-coupon, contest, reward points, sale, survey, etc.). Depending on the number of messages you’d like to send, you only get to pay a fixed rate for the service.

What’s more is that mobile marketing is 10 times more effective compared to other marketing and advertising medium. Low cost, highly effective, fast turn around and high conversion rate. Do you really think mobile marketing is just a fad? Think again! Modernization keeps pushing technology for advance development. Majority of the people, even kids, have cell phones for communication, notes taking and business use. Professionals, businessmen, students and even ordinary people rely on their phones 24/7. The use of cell phone technology has been around since the early 70’s and it just keeps getting better. If anything, mobile marketing is a solution to both businesses and consumers, for customers to have options that are within their ranged and for businesses to expand their market for less. Looking at the dependence of people to mobile phones, mobile marketing is not going anywhere anytime soon.

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