Is It Necessary To Craft Guitar Logos For Your Rock Band Symbol?

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Is it necessary that your rock band’s logo design should have an electric guitar image?

No, not really!

In fact, there are a lot of famous rock band logos that do not consist of guitar images in their trademark sign and are still widely recognized.

Let’s have a look at some of those rock band symbols:

1. Tool: Their symbol is smart, sophisticated and a little funny. It consists of wrench like tool with the end that resembles a scissor. The image is illustrated in black and white colors that make it sophisticated and chic while the textured illustration give it a unique personality. Overall, the image perfectly complements the band name.

2. Slipknot: Their design is artistic and intimidating. It consists of the group name in red colored type face that looks like a dripping blood. It is accompanied with an image of a letter S with devil horns. The prominent color in the image is red which makes it even more daunting and menacing.

3. Aerosmith: Their band image is more angelic than intimidating. They have a letter ‘A’ encased in a circle with angelic wings in their logo design. To make it more imaginative, the image has been created in a sophisticated combination of black and white colors that makes it chic and timeless.

4. Guns N Roses: This is undoubtedly one of the smartest contemporary designs today. It consists of two pistols placed on a plate entwined and surrounded by roses and weeds. The symbol is easy to remember, clean, represents violence and love.

5. Jamiroquai: The design crafted for jamiroquai perfectly complements the funky style of this group. It consists of a silhouette of a young man with an elaborate head-gear and horns. This is a perfect depiction of the lead singer of the group who is popular for his eccentric dressing sense and flamboyancy.

6. The Offspring: This band could have easily created a simple rock guitar logo but instead they chose an image of a burning skull to make a statement. The image of the skull is encased in a circle which makes the emblem compact and clean. This monogram was created with different color combinations including red, yellow, white and black colors to make it show the variety and spice of offspring’s songs.

Hence, you can use an image of a guitar if you are trying to create a brand mark for your rock group but you can also get creative and use images of skulls, guns, fire and angelic wings to give more imagination and appeal to your band symbol. That way, you will take the stereotypical rock band concept and give a new and refreshing look to your band symbol.

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