Is Commission Ignition The Solution For You?

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Is Commission Ignition A Hyped Up Product or is it For Real?

Commission Ignition is an Internet advertising study course written by Dan Brock and Hitesh Juneja. So how would you know if commission Ignition is the real deal, or just another hyped-up scam product? There is only one way to find out: Buy the product or service and use it. This is a safe matter to do anyway, provided that the product is relatively secure with the 60-day money-back guarantee. So that’s exactly what we did. We bought Commission Ignition, and tested it out. The results were pretty exciting, and we are discussing it here for your benefit as the reader.

Commission Ignition looks to be basically an affiliate marketing and advertising instruction study course that includes a suite of tools and software as well. Once you log into the members’ area, you will find hyperlinks to basic step-by-step coaching, sophisticated coaching, as well as the software tools. So is this product really going to ignite some commissions into your bank account?

Commission Ignition Works If You Do The Work

Well, we are glad to write that yes, the ‘ignition of commissions’ in Commission Ignition could take place, provided you follow through with the complete study course without getting lazy or giving up too soon, which is what transpires in too many cases these days.

Let’s begin with the 1st section of Commission Ignition called Step 1 – coaching. Here, the main author Dan Brock provides you the regular video introduction on what’s going to be covered and what to expect in this course. This is supported by some step-by-step training on how to locate your first site, some quick money-making methods, followed by more in depth coaching. We liked the progression here from basic training to more sophisticated, coupled with the quick money-making techniques that focus on automating tasks, that we observed very helpful to anyone needing a quick cash boost to get things started. The basic training teaches you the tasks to be manually performed first for your edification and understanding. Only then does the superior coaching kick in, which focuses more on the later stages of ramping up traffic to your internet sites once they have been setup correctly.

Next, Step 2 of commission Ignition is called Building your Engine. This second step is basically a key phrase tool used for finding buyer key phrases, with lists of recommended niches. Once you know which niches to target, it is much easier to search for suitable solutions to promote based on the combinations of niches and keywords. The site building contractor here is user friendly and quick, creating web-sites or blogs with numerous options to customize it as well. What’s good is, the option of choosing both regular sites or blogs, since both would come in handy depending on your preferences.

Step 3 is basically “Gentlemen, Start your Engines” after building up in Step 2. This third step focuses on traffic generation now that you have your site created, set up and ready to go. Viral traffic generation and social bookmarking are the main techniques used in Commission Ignition.

Finally, Step 4 of Commission Ignition naturally goes to “Turbo-Charging the Engine”, which basically suggests getting your traffic and sales to the next level. This step is basically an up sell or upgrade to 2 more superior software solutions: commission Ignition Overdrive and fee Ignition Turbo. The focus here now shifts more to SEO methods such as article advertising and marketing, back linking and site distribution for optimal ranking in the search engines.

Commission Ignition In Summary

To sum up, Commission Ignition trains you in affiliate marketing through the regular route: obtaining the proper purchaser key phrases, converting items, and then creating and monetizing your sites or blogs for commissions and profits. Overall, a decent package that works as long as you’re willing to put in some effort.

Scott Schreiber is a retired businessman who has over 30 years of successful management of turn around projects, Mergers & Acquisitions, Venture Capital work and senior sales and marketing management. Scott’s current mission is to help small business owners and entrepreneurs learn how to compete, grow and succeed in our current economy. He is also the founder of The Entrepreneur Success Team.

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