Is Commercial Printing Still Viable?

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The status of commercial printing is in the balance in this day and age of technology. It is a fact though that everybody is not yet technically adept. So for now, commercial printing is still a viable market and business but the question is whether it can keep up with technology.

There will come a time

There was a time when this generation’s ancestors do not wear slippers. It was a time when slippers has not been invented. Then, it was invented and people are starting to recognize its importance. Some people started using the slippers while others continued to embrace the nakedness of their feet. Eventually though, each person on earth is wearing slippers. Eventually, that will happen to technology, too. At one point in the future, everybody will be using cellphones and computers. Even those who cannot afford technology now will be able to have them in the future because by then, the prices have gone down. By then, technology is like the food that people eat. It will become a necessity. This bids the question on how the market of commercial prints will survive.

Marketing in technology

If each person on earth has access to technology then marketing can happen on the technology. Advertising will be e-mailed, published on websites, broadcast in the Internet. Even walls will have electronic screens on them for electronic marketing rather than posters and fliers. Print advertisements will be things of the past.

The election campaign

Even election campaigns will no longer involve posters. All advertisements are moving and will be broadcast in electronic screens put up everywhere. People will just look at their palm tops to know their candidates. As posters will only include the name and the face of the candidate, in the future, election materials will give a glimpse of the real life of the candidate, both the good and the bad. All these, because of technology. Presidential speeches will no longer be distributed in hard copies, these will be e-mailed and available while the speech is ongoing.

Goodbye, newspaper

For decades, the dissolution of the newspaper has been predicted. With the onset of technology, experts thought that newspapers will no longer sell and people will just depend on the Internet for their news. That has not happened and it is not yet close to happening. But even newspaper outlets have considered the threat real because most major newspapers all over the world have set up their own Internet websites so people will have a choice on whether they want a hard copy of the news or just the soft copy. The same goes for commercial printing. It will not be gone tomorrow but there will come a time when it will become obsolete. Publishers have also started to expand doing marketing not just on print but on the Internet as well.

Some people still buy the newspaper because it is easier to read when in the bus or when in the coffee shop. Some people still prefer commercial printing for its easy visibility compared to online marketing, at least, as of now. specializes in commercial printing services. Stop by and get more information!

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