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What fuels feedback better than relevant and meaningful content. That being said, your content should be something that can pique your client’s and prospect’s interests. Also, it should be something that people in your target market want to know about, something that they’d love to read about. So if you believe in the saying that “content is king”, then let these tips help you out in your internet marketing efforts.

Use articles – There are plenty of article sites out there that allow users to register and post their original content. Well, you can do the same thing and start spreading out your content among these many sites to help promote your company and hopefully increase traffic to your company website. This is called article marketing and a lot of online marketers make use of it to help increase search engine traffic, direct traffic to their websites, and even to help in lead generation. Here are some things to remember in article marketing:

500 words and more! – When writing articles and submitting them to article submission directories, keep your write-ups at a minimum of 500 words. Aside from directories imposing this word limit to submissions, this type of content is more likely to be found by search engines. We can’t really say that the longer the content the better as plenty of people don’t want to be facing a big block of text, rather, we can say that a minimum of 500-600 words worth of relevant content should be worth a lot towards your article marketing efforts.

Avoid keyword stuffing! – Search don’t like keyword stuffing. If your article is laden with keywords, chances are that search engines won’t pin it up in the top results nor even find it as relevant. Also, some article submission directories have built-in keyword counters which will decline your submission based on the percentage that your keyword appears in your article. So as a tip to the wise, avoid an excessive use of keywords. Around 4-6 times in a single should be good enough.

Use blogs – Using blogs is also one way to draw in traffic and promote your content on the internet. Usually, a good blog post can range from a minimum of 300 words going up to as much as 500. But then again, wouldn’t that make it an article already? Well, that really depend as since Google had updated its algorithm, some people who do online marketing have found that content with more words in it is more relevant to Google and appears more often.

Here are some tips for using blogs:

Don’t forget back-links – Don’t be afraid to link back to your site. You can do this by linking your keywords back to a page on your main site. This helps to direct interested clients back to your company website with the mere click on a link. Aside from getting your prospects there in a few seconds, it helps to drive traffic. More traffic means more relevance for your content, in the end meaning a better ranking for you on search engines.

Constant updates – Put aside an update schedule for your blog sites. The one mistake that some content marketers make is that they forget to keep their sites updated and leave their prospects who want their content hanging on a cliff. So if you’re running some blog sites, keep a tight update schedule and churn out fresh content every now and then.

For some, content is the core of their marketing structure. If you thrive on content and use it to help maximize traffic, your rankings on search engines and in efforts to increase your sales and generate leads, then let content be your fuel! Keep these tips in mind when doing internet marketing through articles and blogs.

Jazmin J. Ramirez is a project manager and creative writing expert at Capstone Internet Marketing.

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