Integrated Solutions For Retailers Can Help Reduce Costs

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Integrated solutions for retailers are ways of making sure that all of the necessary work gets done while, at the same time, ensuring that it’s done with as little work and effort as possible. However, to really understand how integrated solutions work you also need to understand retail online integration as well as multi channel strategy in order to get the full, 360 degrees of comprehension.

To begin at the beginning, retail online integration is something that’s become a bigger part of many businesses as the Internet becomes more and more central to the operations in day to day life. We’ve all seen retailers, especially big ones like Target and Walmart, that have a website that assists with their sales efforts. Many times the website provides things that the physical store cannot, but with online integration the store and the site are two sides of a coin and they’re meant to work with one another. Say you order something on the website, and that item is then shipped to your local store for pickup, for instance. That’s a simple example of online integration, and how your website can become a part of the greater business whole.

This also plays into multi channel strategy. The basis of this strategy is when you integrate your advertising and sales so that everything is working together. Have you ever watched a TV commercial that asked you to please visit the store’s website before giving you the address? That’s a multi channel strategy in action. The same is true of radio ads that give you the site, or of the social networking page that directs you to your local physical store; everything plays into everything else, giving customers all of the possible information without making them look too hard for it in the mean time.

These are all part of the bigger picture that is integrated solutions for retailers. The goal is to create an organic whole rather than several different spheres or departments, making sure that your business acts as an entire body that moves together. This means that all parts need to function everywhere, and whenever possible you need to double up functionality; for instance, software that keeps your stock counted should also be integrated with your checkout software so that cashiers can check on how much of a given product is left. Once everything is combined, your business will be smoother, faster and more profitable.

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