Increase Membership Using Church Letters

April 29, 2009 by  Filed under: Marketing 

It’s important for today’s churches to maintain healthy membership levels, but it can be unclear which methods are the most effective. The Internet, newspapers, and direct mail can be useful, but these options can be quite impersonal and expensive. One of the most effective ways to increase church membership is by sending personal letters.

Church letters allow pastors and ministry leaders to address members of the community and speak directly to their situation, which can range from recently moving to the neighborhood to a death in the family. A letter can express concern, offer congratulations, even provide assistance to someone in need, and this creates a personal connection. For example, what would be more effective in bringing a member of the community to church, a billboard or a warm letter extending an invitation to visit for Sunday service? Church letters offer a level of sincerity that far exceeds a Web site or an ad in the paper.

From a financial standpoint, letters are quite cost-effective, especially for those working on a tight budget. Using church letters is an inexpensive alternative to spending excessive marketing dollars using less impersonal advertising methods such as newspapers, flyers, TV, radio, bulk mailings, Web and Internet banners, and search engines.

Personal letters stand out as a great outreach tool for those working in ministry and are looking to increase church membership while maintaining a personal touch. Letters can help to strengthen a church’s connection to its members as well as the community, establishing relationships built on sincerity.

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