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If you are managing a corporate group or handling a sales unit, maybe selling things in great quantity or marketing stuff which are costly by normal standards, to create a more challenging and rewarding atmosphere would be greatly helped by coming up with incentive gifts.

From logo watches to company tagged calendars, promotional pens to bags and other carry-all items, bonus gifts can leave a lasting reminder to the receiver of the appreciation and token of thanks that you would like to impart for extraordinary services done (for company employees) and/or for amazing achievements reached (for sales and marketing groups and other marketing related units like real estate agents).

Some of the incentives gifts that you can bestow are:

• Business incentives – trade show and visitor gifts. Items with company logos and contact information that you can give out to prospective buyers whenever they visit your booth or kiosk. These items will always remind them your company exists and they can contact you if they need your services or products. The bestseller bonus gifts are pens, coffee mugs, t-shirts, and bags.

• Motivation incentives gifts – are items given out as tokens of appreciation for employees who have done exemplary contribution to the company. Other than the actual products of the company being given as incentives gifts, other items may be watches and sign pens.

• Safety program incentives gifts – these are reward gifts to individuals who played important roles in keeping a secure environment for the rest of the group.

• Loyalty incentives gifts – these pieces of wonderful items are given as signs of appreciation for continued patronage of your services or products and are additional bonuses to keep them coming back. You can actually make these items as a rewards program that is given when they have a certain quota. For instance, a logo towel is given on the fifth visit of a customer to your spa.

• Sales incentives gifts – needless to say, these items are given because of outstanding sales performance in a certain period of time. Hot items for this type of awarding may be pins, pens, watches, planners and calendars, golf products, or vacation packages.

• Service awards – very similar to motivation awards but in this special case, these incentives gifts are given to individuals who have extended great service to the company and stuck with the company through thick and thin for the longest time.

So whether you want promotional items as rewards for returning clients or as a part of an advertising scheme to create awareness to your company and products, or an incentives program to boost your groups performance, or a rewards incentives program for exemplary service exhibited by specific employees, bonus gifts are a fine way of expressing thanks and appreciation.

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