Important Factors to Consider in Catalog Printing

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You have probably decided on doing the design of your catalog but you have some printing questions. Well, consider reading these tips to help you explore all of your options in your catalog printing efforts.

a. The coves – Catalog covers, the front and back covers to be exact, are commonly printed on heavier stock than the rest of the pages. The cover is usually printed on the type of paper called cover stock. It is a heavier than what those used for the interior pages. The advantage of using sturdy, heavy cover stock is it allows your catalog to last longer. So, essentially, you don’t have much option regarding the material to print your cover on. The only concern you should have with the catalog cover is to design it in a way that will attract attention and make people open and browse your entire catalog.

b. The interior pages – As opposed to the cover, you have several options when it comes to printing the inside pages of your catalog. This will depend, though, on the type of products you are marketing. For example, if you are taking advantage of catalog printing to sell construction items, you may opt for a much lower grade of paper than you would if you are selling high-end merchandise such as jewelry or other fashion accessories. Your paper choice ranges from newsprint to glossy paper. If your catalog needs to have a lot of pages, you may want to opt for lighter weight paper. But if your catalogs will only carry less than 20 pages, you may use the same stock for the cover.

c. Colors – One of the advantages of investing in catalog printing is the chance that your catalogs will provide you with wide exposure. This is highly probable since catalogs are often read by more than one individual – meaning, one single copy is usually passed on from person to person. Your choice of using colors for your catalog printing project can add to the appeal of your catalog. Ideally, full colored catalogs attract more attention and can make your product photos look stunning.

d. Binding – This will depend a lot on page count. For instance, if you printing a catalog that has over 80 pages, you may want the printer to use “perfect binding.” This is a process where all the pages are glued to the spine of the catalog. If your catalog printing produces less than 80 pages, then a good idea is to opt for saddle stitching and staple the pages in the middle to hold them together.

e. The printer – Choosing a catalog printing company can be a bit challenging, so here are some tips: Ensure that the printer you choose has the skill and experience in producing catalogs. Also, do not let price be the sole factor in your decision to choose a printer. Although this doesn’t mean that you opt for the most expensive printing package, you just need to be aware that a cheap catalog printer may also give you cheap results.

Brad Kartel is a marketing executive whose passion is helping business owners build their campaign through investing on catalog printing.

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