If You’re Going To Work With The Baby Boomer Generation

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The baby boomer generation includes those born between 1946 and 1964. Most of us are nearing retirement, but not in the same sense as my parent’s generation. The parents of past generations looked to retire at 65, expected lower income levels, and accepted aging. That’s not how it is anymore! Like any generation we have our idiosyncrasies.

Baby, we’ve come a long way…

Those of us in the baby boomer generation don’t expect to retire until we’re closer to 85. Thoughts of slowing down and aging gracefully don’t resemble this group at all. Medical advances have made it possible to live longer with a high quality of life. In fact, so much so that it’s likely that our expectations exceed medical advances.

We want fun, entertainment and to live life on our terms

Baby boomers want adventure, not to sit around until they die. If this group is your target audience, then come up with something unusual, fun and exciting. Working vacations are a good example, where there is an opportunity to give back, even if the only thing they have to offer is an extra pair of hands. We have a lot of life to live and experiences to share. What we don’t want is to be ripped off, talked down to, or treated with disrespect.

Custom service has been redefined

Baby boomers tend to be more demanding because self-service is basically something that is reasonably new for us. It really wasn’t so long ago that the service station attendant filled your car with gasoline, checked the fluid levels and put air in your tires. Imagine that! Need assistance from a business? At one time, you could actually reach a “live” person on the first ring! There was no need to listen to a litany of options offered by a computer then try to figure out which option to select because nothing offered fits what you are looking for.

Please get real

Having a 20 year old offer skin care tips is laughable. What can they tell me about their wrinkles and crinkles? Yet that’s what you find at the makeup counters these days. Yes there are laws regarding hiring practices and age discrimination; however, think of your target audience when hiring. If your customer can’t relate to the service provider, then you might as well hang it up, the credibility is lost.

A true pet peeve

Teach your sales people to count the change back to the customer. It’s really irritating to have your change dumped into your hand with no accounting of what you are being handed back. Not to mention having your change dumped on top of the bills. Place the change in the person’s hand first and then hand them the bills. This way people can manage what is being handed to them far more easily. This is a basic courtesy and helps restore confidence in the total selling process.

What affluent baby boomers look for

You will find the more affluent folks of the baby boomer generation will go out of their way to get exceptional service. And I might add, exceptional or any customer-service is getting harder and harder to come by these days. A business that can provide this one simple thing will do phenomenally well with this particular audience.

Sandra Lee Williams is a Business Success Coach with a focus on helping women over 50 interested in discovering the entrepreneurial lifestyle while creating their best life yet. You can find out more about Sandy and Wealthy Woman Living Internationally at http://www.wealthywomanlivinginternationally.com

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