If You Have A Business, NOTHING Works Better Than Texting

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When it comes to using texting (or SMS), there is a BIG difference between text messaging in the UK and Ireland and the system used in USA and Canada. In the UK and Ireland messages are not restricted to 160 characters and consequently promotional messages can have a real impact instead of being just short sharp notifications as in USA and Canada.

Why use text messaging as opposed to email?

Texting is not internet dependent and 98% of text messages sent are received and read within minutes.

If using the internet from a mobile phone whilst travelling abroad, roaming charges can be very expensive but by using text messaging you can avoid these charges. Yes, the text message costs a bit more than usual however it is a lot less than sending an email from a mobile phone.

With email, a person may not receive a message due to many reasons most commonly being due to spam blockers, the amount of emails we all receive now and the fact that a lot of people do not have access to emails at home because they do not have the internet or at work because of the nature of their job.

Everybody has a mobile phone. Everybody can receive text messages

Having a database of customer’s mobile numbers is the most important thing a business should have in order to grow. The customer who knows you and your business is the customer you work on to create more business!

Text messaging can be free, indeed when a business has a substantial database accumulated, a good revenue stream can be created

Let us look at an example…

A restaurant has a database of over 4000 of its customer’s mobile numbers. Every two weeks they send out a text message of 440 characters approx.

The message is seen to be coming from the restaurant when it arrives onto a person’s phone and when it is opened it contains an offer followed a local sponsor’s ad followed by the obligatory opt-out mechanism.

Looking at how this provides a revenue stream for the restaurant owner, the message costs Euro 9 cents approx and multiplied by 4000 this equates to Euro 360. Local businesses are aware of this database of local numbers and are happy to pay him Euro 1000 for their ad in the message going out. The ad is generally 80-100 characters and the opt-out takes up about 30 characters of the 440 characters.

So, the restaurant owner has a new revenue stream and makes Euro 640 every two weeks. His restaurant is always busy whilst others around him look on with envy.

The customers are happy to receive his offers, indeed very few opt-out because they know all they need do is delete the message.

The advertiser knows that 4000 local people many of whom have disposable income to spare (i.e. they eat out in a local restaurant) will receive his ad into their hands and for just Euro 1000 this represents great value as an ad in a local paper or on the radio could cost a lot more and would not have anything like the same impact.

This innovative method for communication using local advertising is spreading and many clubs and schools are now doing it. Members and parents of students are quite happy to accept a small ad at the end of text messages knowing that they receive regular updates and don’t have to pay for them.

A final point to mention, when doing text messaging the advertiser should also include their mobile website URL in the message so the person receiving the message can go onto the mobile website and view and purchase from it.

For a business, particularly a small business, the combination of text messaging using a mobile website or a promotional video sent directly into the hand of the person is by far and away far better than spending time and money on social marketing.

Peter Fry specialises in mobile marketing, video marketing as well as being an internet marketing consultant. Peter advises about using texting to grow business http://www.bit.ly/textservice and helps many businesses increase their revenue using innovative methods rather than social marketing. If someone did a Google search for your business do you appear? Think of the different things a person might type in looking for you.

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