If You Don’t Know Art As a Business Owner, Leave the Logo to Someone Else

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Many of a customer’s opinions about your company will come from their first look. They may come to similar conclusions if the see your stationary, your business card, or even your sign. What pictures are conjured up in your head? Does it tell the customer more about you than just your name? For this reason it is very important that your logo sends the best message and in the best tone. How is this goal reached by a small business owner? The logo, no matter if it is typeface or a symbol, is the first thing that will deliver your position to your customer.

Most people come across thousands of different and often conflicting messages in a given day. The messages may be quickly forgotten, but the logo makes an indelible mark. However, before an owner chooses a logo they should consider the kind of message they want to send to the customer. People will begin to doubt if you are saying quality, and your logo is not. If you are branding yourself on price, having an overly elaborate logo may similarly confuse the consumer.

The logo is the all important first point of contact with the consumer. If you cannot keep people interested with your logo, you run the risk of turning off customers. Logos are critical components of a firm’s branding, and therefore should not be altered without significant deliberation. After 24 years, there is a California restaurant that is mulling over the idea of changing their logo. While on one hand a logo change can be a simple way to create a new look and feeling to show an update, change or improvement to your business, it can be a tricky task. However, converting all of the restaurant’s branded items will be costly.

If you are looking to hire a graphic designer you should ask to see a portfolio of similar designs. Word-perfect doesn’t make novelists, just as anybody who possesses a computer and adobe illustrator is not a logo designer. In order to get the best mix of creativity and insight, the logo designer will require some information about your business. You need to look for another logo designer if yours does not take the time to become familiar with your customers or your business profile.

Failed logos can run into the millions of dollars, while fantastic ones come for as little as $300. What you will pay really doesn’t guarantee a thing. Coming up with a new logo should not be done via having a contest. You should be able to tell a designer the image that you want conveyed through the logo, but the design should be handled only by a true professional. And the company owner shouldn’t even make the final choice of logo if he/she possesses no artistic ability. Moreover, you do not want to limit the potential choices so request as many candidate designs as possible.

There are many logos that are perfectly well designed, but they are not appropriate for the company that uses them. There is a company that has the resources to books several thousand theatrical acts. However, their initial logo, consisting of a director’s seat emblazoned with the firm name, and encircled by elements such as microphone and a magician’s accessories tended to convey the notion that the company featured variety acts only. So the designer put a violin on the back of the chair, to better convey its musical bookings.

Then he registered it officially with the patent and trademark office, after the designer had picked out the right logo. He was required to have a service mark for the actual name and a trademark for the logo. Without that, merely the logo’s image would be safeguarded. You should know that the trademark form didn’t require an attorney, and the fee was $175.

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