HR Administration Tension Keeping You Up at Night? Administrative Services Outsourcing Can Help

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Human Resources Administration, Payroll, or Benefits Management, it may be referred to by many different names, but the task to administer to the needs of your employees is a very tedious, expensive, and labor intensive job. If HR Administration has become an overwhelming chore, don’t despair, there are 2 approaches that can assist you to get back to the business of running your company.

One option is through the use of a Profession Employer Organization (PEO) in which the HR administering company becomes the employer of record for the client company. The employees in this instance are leased back to the client firm. This approach not only offers administrative relief for a company executive, it can also minimize liability stemming from personnel employment issues. However, if a firm is not prepared for such a major undertaking, then there another option which is the Administrative Services Organization (ASO) solution. An ASO is capable of performing all the HR jobs that a PEO can do but it does not require the administrative company be the employer of record for the employees. The added bonus is that the client company can pick and choose ala carte Human Resources tasks to outsource. One other difference between a PEO and an ASO is that the PEO is paid by an agreed upon percentage of a company’s gross income while Administrative Services Organization (ASO) will charge a straight fee for HR services.

Here’s how Administrative Services Outsourcing (ASO)s can help your business:

  • Take on the administrative burden of payroll processing
  • Provide benefits administration and support
  • Gain access to premium employee deals
  • Leverage leading-edge technology solution
  • Gain access to industry expert Human Resources experts
  • Implement HR Best Practices
  • Most Administrative Services Outsourcing (ASO)s will have a HR Information System (HRIS) which allows the client company to access up-to-date personnel information instantly.

A flexible, tailored approach to HR Administration should combine an integrated, single source technology solution delivering efficiencies across all aspects of HR management. Clients can outsource some or simply enhance existing support capabilities. Either way, a PEO or ASO solution provides companies with help from administrative burdens. Both PEO and ASO are good options which enable you to focus on your core business innovations and ultimately your overall success.

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