How Well Do You Follow Your Plan?

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“If you plan your work you will not find yourself standing on the corner wondering where to go next.”
John H. Patterson.

Yet, if you plan your work and you create an eloquent plan and you write it on the best paper or put it together on the best computer – and you don’t do it – it is just as worthless as not planning at all.

You start your day at 7AM, energized, motivated, excited and by 8:30 you are crazy, off course and in total reactive mode and you stay there the rest of the day. Can you relate?

I love to use the pinball story. Do you feel like the little silver ball in the pinball machine, getting shot up into the game, bouncing from one bumper to the next, rolling down the slot, getting flipped way up and finally just running into the hole?

Or, do you control the process, your day, your life, your business, doing what you said you would when you said you would the way you said you would?

The choice really is yours.
If you are not following your plan – it is your fault.
Not the customer.
Not the employee.
Not the vendor.
Not life.

It is your fault – admit that and then we can fix it.

Admit that, and you can stop letting life control you and start controlling your life.

Yes, there will be exceptions when it will not work.

But how many of you let the exception be the rule?

Some simple tips to take with you today.

1. Determine how many hours you are going to work today and what hours they are going to be.

I am going in at 7AM and work until 6PM.

2. Determine how much time you want to allow for interruptions – percentage, number of hours.

I need to leave 3 hours open for stuff I do not know about right now.

3. Determine what outcomes you want to accomplish today and how much time you want to each.

Sales call with ABC Manufacturing 3 hours cut to 2.5
Write proposal for Joe 1 hour
Meet with my team – prepare 1.5 hours cut to 1
Make calls 1 hour
Lunch with Diane 2 hours cut to 1.5
Review the new products 1 hour

Your day now totals at 8 hours. You have 11 hours to be there. You can do this.

4. Put together the schedule for the day.

7:00 8:00 Review new products
8:00 8:30 open
8:30 9:30 Meet with my team.
9:30 10:00 open
10:00 12:30 Sales call ABC Manufacturing
12.30 2:00 Lunch Diane
2:00 3:00 Open
3:00 4:00 make Calls
4:00 5:00 Write proposal for Joe
5:00 6:00 Open (do planning for tomorrow 10 minutes or less)

5. Review the schedule, adjust and modify so that when you are ready to roll, you have committed to make this schedule work, period. Commit that you will do this.

All looks good. If you have nothing left at 5:00 you can either leave early or read.

6. Execute the schedule and track your actual to projected.

This is now the hard part, it is easy to put it together, but making it work, that is another story.

Some tips:

Your door is closed and you are not here until 8 – make that known. Meeting with team is easy to keep. Appointment is easy to keep and because you have lunch after with another client, it is easy to keep it on track. Door is closed from 3-5 period. If nothing comes up you might actually start this at 2. You have 1 hour of over run time at end of day.

7. At the end of the day, analyze how it went, what worked, what did not. How you can get better, what you learned? Then create the schedule for tomorrow. Go home and enjoy the rest of your day.

You are done, you know what you have to do tomorrow, now you can relax. It is just simply amazing.

Try this and see what happens to you, your life, your business – you will be amazed. Try it this week and connect back with me with how you did, where you had problems. Keep working it week after week after week. It might not work in week one, but your persistence will make it work. Once you get it working your life will be so much better.

Manny Nowak has spent over 25 years helping people create success in their lives. An ex-marine and former top-notch computer programmer, Manny has an extensive background helping other achieve extreme levels of success. Manny is the author of over a dozen books; CD’s and tools that focus on your ability to achieve greater success in all areas of your life (personal and professional). So stop hesitating… YOU CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN!

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