How to Write Effective Team Bios

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Team biographies are a standard part of most company websites, and they deserve to be treated with the same amount of thought and careful consideration as the rest of your website. Company websites are designed to inform, compel, and ultimately sell products and services to customers. In doing so, key features and benefits of the company are spelt out on every page. The ‘Our Team’ or ‘About Us’ page should be no different. It should effectively describe each employee’s experience, expertise, and personality, and it should explain how they contribute to the company’s success. Professional biographies give websites a sense of personality, and they help customers ‘put a face to the name’ of the people they may be working with. As such, they not only give you a chance to foster connections with clients and convert prospects into customers, but they also offer a way to set your team apart from the competition. From a marketing perspective, here are some tips for writing effective team bios for your website.

Tell a story

Bios should tell a story about the employee that includes a bit of information on their life and personality, but most importantly, their work experience. When writing your bio, explain how you ended up working in the industry or for a particular company. Describe your professional and personal interests, such as travelling or sports. The key is to link your hobbies and interests to your career, explaining how they have helped you to excel in your job. For instance, a well-versed traveller who has been exposed to different cultures and places will be better placed creatively, and probably great at dealing with a range of different kinds of clients.

Include quotes or anecdotes

In an effort to make your bio more personal, try incorporating quotes or anecdotes. Think about your career or your goals, and pick out the highlights. It could be anything that stands out to you, such as winning an amazing client, successfully launching a new product, or starting your own business. Then, use those stories to write your bio. This will give your bio a sense of authenticity and personality, and it will help you to foster a personal connection with the reader.

Don’t be arrogant

You may very well be an incredible entrepreneur or an industry-changing visionary, but please avoid saying this in your bio. Describing yourself in such hyped-up terms will be seen as arrogant and pompous in the eyes of your readers. Instead, let your experience and expertise do the talking. If you have an impressive list of credentials, or have worked on amazing projects, these will speak to your high professional standing above anything else. There is no need to spell it out – in this case, subtlety is the way to go!

Keep the jargon to a minimum

Many people choose to load their bios up with jargon because they think it makes them sound professional. While you may use jargon in your working life, try to keep it to a minimum when writing your bio. It is fine to use jargon when speaking to colleagues or others working in the industry, but when you are trying to reach potential customers (who may not know a thing about your line of work), then it is best to speak more generally. Remember, bios are meant to attract readers. If they can’t understand what you’re saying, how are they supposed to feel connected to you?

Address the reader

It may sound like a simple solution, but addressing the reader by using “you” will really enrich your bio. When you’re crafting your bio, try to use “you” over “we” and “our.” This will consciously make you spell out how your service or role benefits the client. For instance, “our marketing solutions will help your company move up the Google search results” is so much more effective than “we provide effective SEO services.” It will also drive that all-important personal connection.

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