How To Use Your Trade Show Exhibit To Meet Critical Business Decision Makers

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When working at a trade show exhibit during an industry convention, most business leaders operate with one primary function in mind: enticing as many visitors as possible to check out their trade show displays and bannerstands throughout the event duration. Based on this premise, company executives strategize to create the most visually compelling trade show displays possible to ensure that the crowd will feel powerless to resist stopping in to get a closer look at what the organization has to offer. Sounds like a solid business practice, right?

Trade Show Exhibit Success: Sheer Numbers Aren’t The Only Consideration

Not exactly. Sure, employing a basic sales funnel tactic (the more contacts made instantly increases the potential for a lead or sale) seems like a pragmatic approach at a trade show exhibit. However, it’s important to remember that sheer numbers aren’t the principal driving force between engagement and lead. In short, it’s not all about meeting the most people during a trade show exhibit – it’s about meeting the right people. Meeting a high percentage of decision makers during the event exponentially increases the odds that you’ll generate a valid lead and even close business. In addition to brilliantly designed trade show displays and bannerstands, strategizing key ways to ensure you meet and mingle with these critical decision makers should always fall firmly at the top of the event priority list.

How To Engage With Decision Makers Throughout The Event

What’s one of the best ways to increase the number of decision makers that attend your next trade show exhibit? Invite them! Before each function, work with your staff to carefully create a list of important decision making contacts that you’d like to connect with during the exhibit. To truly stand out from the competitive masses that are surely reaching out to some of the same individuals, brainstorm a creative way to invite them to the event. Send along a marketing premium with your business name and include a ticket to the expo as part of the invitation. Be sure to follow up with a phone call to ensure their attendance before the event.

If you find that your invitations simply aren’t compelling enough for them to attend the function itself, immediately go with plan B; let them know that you’ll be in their area during the convention and would love an opportunity to meet with them. Plan your trip logistics accordingly to ensure you can work around their schedules. Go to their sites, take them out for coffee, lunch, etc. You’ll streamline travel costs by combining the visit with the event dates, while still showing your potential clients that you’re serious about earning their business.

Pre-expo planning is only part of the success ratio when trying to connect with executives that have the power to purchase your product. There is ample opportunity to meet with C-level leaders during the event itself. A great way to meet and mingle with corporate leaders is to actually check out various seminars and keynote speakers that the venue itself will be hosting. Oftentimes, decision makers will send their staff around to check out the booths and stands so they can use the time to learn something new and network. Always schedule time for you or your staff to attend these important functions within the event to ensure that you’re optimizing every opportunity to connect with the right convention attendees.

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