How to Use the Media to Achieve Your NGO Goals

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Media meetings provide an opportunity for the NGOs to liaise closely with correspondents and bureau chief/editors who have a passionate disposition in reporting humanitarian efforts.

These events help to review relationship with media houses and appreciate their reporting activities. Such events can be used to introduce the media to set priorities to guide their reports going forward.

The media is an integral part of any organisations activities. Through the media, the general public is kept abreast of outcomes of programmes implemented and endear them to support and patronise an organisations activities. A dearth of an organisation’s information in the public space can lead to unnecessary pronouncements and misconceptions about the organisation. It is therefore necessary that the media is engaged constructively and properly motivated to ensure only the right and positive reports on your organisation’s activities get into the public space.

Engagement with the media could be in form of lunch/dinner meetings, workshops, seminars and capacity building programmes. During these events, the media is kept abreast of the future pointers of the organsation and the preferred information for the public. Questions and concerns the media may have about the programmes of the organisation are well covered and answered.

The media should be well informed about communities and areas where the organisations programmes are carried out so they can visit on their own and make reports about the progress and impact of programmes carried out. Which ever media event you consider, build in incentives to motivate the ever busy media personnel.

MR. ABAH ROLAND is an environmentalist with an interest on the effects of global warming in Nigeria

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