How-To Use Signs To Promote Your Grand Opening

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A business’s grand opening is an exciting but stressful time. There’s lots of pressure for the business to be successful, be it coming from the corporate office or even just the surrounding community. While some businesses choose to have soft openings and don’t do much promotion, most spend a lot of time (and money) advertising the big day. Here are some great, affordable ways to promote your grand opening by using signage.

Your grand opening should be a time to show customers exactly what you have to offer. If you’re a chain, the opening will be many customers’ first exposure to your business, and if you’re independent, everyone will be curious to find out what you sell. Creating an attractive storefront is the perfect way to introduce your business and draw in a soon-to-be-loyal following.

While your business is being built (or renovated), print a huge vinyl banner and mount it out front. The banner should say “Coming Soon” or list the date you’re opening. To intrigue customers, display your logo or some other brand element that gives a clue about your business, but don’t list all the details just yet. You want to get potential customers talking about your new store and anticipating its opening.

When the store is ready to open, you’ll need a variety of sign products. Use yard signs in your parking lot and around your shopping center (with landlord approval, of course) pointing shoppers toward your store. Vinyl lettering on your front door or window is necessary to identify your name, the hours your business is open, as well as important contact information (phone number, website, etc.). Customers expect to be able to find this information easily, so keep it easily-visible. Use your other storefront windows for displays that attract window shoppers. Pictures of your best-selling products or top services can be displayed with adhesive vinyl decals, as these will be part of your business for a long time. For your grand opening sales or promotions, use temporary window clings inside the windows. These don’t have adhesive, so once your grand opening has passed, you can just peel them off.

Signs can be used inside your store as well to motivate customers to buy. Hanging banners overhead or featuring poster displays will help draw customers’ attention to different areas of the store and also spotlight products that you’re trying to push. This will be the first time customers are in your store, so consider printing maps for them to use as they navigate your aisles. When shoppers get lost, the first place they look for is the exit!

With all of the preparations for your opening, it’s easy to overlook store signage, but that can be a costly mistake. A weak opening sets the tone for your store, one that’s hard to recover from, so start off strong by showing customers exactly who you are with signs.

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As a seasoned expert in Marketing and Branding, Michael has a wealth of knowledge in the use of car signs and retail signs. In his articles, he covers tips and techniques for effective use of banners, vinyl decals, and window clings for small businesses.

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