How-To Use Signs During Your Store’s Remodeling

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Remodeling is necessary when businesses start to look outdated, a new product or brand is being offered, or the store layout is changing. Although the end result of a store remodel is positive, as things look fresh, new, and more-efficient, the process itself can be quite difficult. Stores are faced with 1) closing down during the remodel and losing business or 2) staying open during the remodel and confusing customers as the merchandise moves around temporarily and different sections of the store are closed. Although there’s no ideal solution to this problem, there are ways to make it less of an issue. One good solution is to use clear and well-placed signage.

A few weeks before you begin the remodel, place window clings near your entrance (or the area of the store that’s being remodel) giving customers a heads-up. If you’re going to be closed during the renovations, make sure to note this, as customers won’t appreciate driving all the way to your store to find it close. Also make sure to mention that you’ll be back, so that your customers don’t find a new store in the mean time. If you’re staying open, it’s still not a bad idea to forewarn customers that things may be a bit disorganized for awhile, but the end result is a newly-renovated store that will better meet their needs.

Once it’s time for the remodel, don’t just sit back and ride out the storm. Instead, use the remodel to your advantage. Use signs to clearly-define the area of your store that is closed for renovations and direct customers to other areas of your store that are still open. Display posters that draw attention away from the construction and instead focus on your great merchandise. Another bold strategy is to have a remodeling sale-encourage customers to pardon the mess and shop with you to find great deals! This is a great way to get rid of old merchandise and make room for a new brand or product line. You’ll need to promote this sale by hanging a large banner over your storefront advertising the sale. If your storefront itself is being remodeled, this will let customers know that you’re still open during the construction.

Occasionally during a remodel you have to move merchandise around your store as different areas are re-done. If this is in your renovation plan, make sure to use signs that are removable and mobile. Window clings can be pulled off and placed on different windows, vinyl banners can be hung basically anywhere, and some low-tack decals can be removed and repositioned as well. This is a great way to define the areas of your store temporarily. Any time a customer walks in your store, they should be able to clearly identify the layout, even if that changes during the remodeling process. Signage is your tool to help customers find their way.

Always keep your end result in mind. Display a framed poster at the entrances of your store showing customers a mockup of the remodel, be it a simple sketch or a computer-generated rendering. This gets shoppers and your employees both excited about what is to come and makes the confusion a little easier to bear. Remodeling is just a short-term inconvenience that produces a long-term improvement, so do what you can to accommodate your customers during the process!

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