How to Use LinkedIn As Part of Your Social Media Strategy

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It is so important for businesses to have a good online presence. While your website should be a core focus, social media is growing in importance. These days, many companies are implementing social media strategies as part of their marketing campaigns. Facebook and Twitter are beneficial in their own ways, but this week we want to hone in on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a very useful tool for expanding business networks, and it gives companies the chance to market their products and services. Here we explain how to use LinkedIn from a marketing perspective.

Take full advantage of your company page

Before you launch a LinkedIn strategy, you need to make sure that your company profile is up to date, informative, and benefit-driven. The social network has recently rolled out new company pages, and after analysing the features, we can assure you that they are now very suitable for marketing purposes. LinkedIn has made it much easier for companies to present an engaging and interesting image to their target markets, allowing them to include rich content such as images, links, and videos.

When you’re building up your company page, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Fill in the ‘overview’ and ‘products and services’ pages with quality, informative content and other media, such as links to your website or other social media platforms.
  • Try not to copy and paste stuff from your website – instead, tailor these pages to your LinkedIn goals and audiences.
  • Start posting status updates. You can set up your Twitter account to automatically post to LinkedIn, or you can manually input statuses straight on your LinkedIn profile. Your statuses should be regular, useful, interesting, and of value to your audience.

Build up your followers

A LinkedIn company page isn’t really worth anything unless people are actively following it. This works in much the same way as Facebook and Twitter, in that the more followers and engagement you have, the more visible you will be inside the network as well as in search results. When it comes to LinkedIn, quality really is more important then quantity. You don’t need to aim for huge amounts of followers, but you do need to target the most relevant and useful ones.

Here are some ideas on how grow your online business community:

  • Ask employees to log in and ‘follow’ the company page. By doing this, you are extending your reach to include your employee’s ‘connections.’
  • Follow other people and businesses in the industry, as well as those of existing and potential customers. This will prompt them to check out your page, and if it is of any interest, they will reciprocate your follow.
  • Post a “call to action” to follow your company page via your client databases, LinkedIn groups, and on your other social networks such as Facebook. Remember, focus on targeting the best people, not the most people. You should also consider:
  • Joining and participating in relevant ‘groups.’ Start by adding your (professional) two cents to some discussions and debates, and continue to do so if the response is good.
  • Engaging and networking with people from the companies you follow. Just like you can respond to personal status updates, you can do the same with the statuses on company pages. This will increase your visibility, enhance your connections, and help you to stay high on the industry radar.

Track your efforts

LinkedIn has a few great features to help you monitor and track the amount of visitors to your company page. On the ‘Analytics’ page, you’ll find all the charts and numbers you need to gather this kind of information. On your company landing page, you can also see who has looked at your profile, as well as who has engaged with and commented on your updates.

Keep things fresh

So, you’ve polished your profile, built up a good following, and started incorporating LinkedIn in your social media strategy. Unfortunately, the work doesn’t stop there. You need to regularly update your page and monitor the response from your target audience. Many marketing agencies suggest putting a block of time aside a week to focus on your LinkedIn strategy. This is the time to add new content, update your status, increase your network, and check your followers’ activity.

The key to a successful LinkedIn presence – and an effective social media strategy – is to 1) provide ongoing value to customers and 2) engage with them. In return, you’ll increase your exposure, influence, and search engine ranking!

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