How to Up-Sell to Your Customers

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Up-selling means to be able to sell more than what the customer intends to purchase. An effective way of making a more profitable sale, up-selling can be considered a vital skill for the sales personnel. Up-selling does not require one to be pushy, but just convincing enough to encourage the customer to take advantage of the suggested product or service by the sales person. There are numerous strategies on how to up-sell.

Strategies to up-sell:

1. Practice up-selling with the employees: you can encourage your employees to practice up-selling by taking part in the drill. You can set goals and guidelines for them and allow them time to role play.

2. Take into account the customers’ needs: it is important to take into consideration the needs of the customers. There is no need in wasting time over a customer who does not require a specific product. Although you may have set goals to up-sell a particular number of customers per day, that does not mean that you should take unnecessary time and waste it on customers who are not going to need that product.

3. Different levels of products or services: having different levels of products or services makes it easier to up-sell. This means that in the case where you offer three different levels of service to your customers, the least service will be provided for the cheapest offer. You may then be able to convince the customer and up-sell them to a higher level of service.

4. Explain the uniqueness of the product or service: if you are trying to up-sell a product or service, always mention the uniqueness of the product or service and even compare it with other brands.

Thus up-selling is a skill that can be developed with time and practice. However it is important to be able to differentiate between customers to whom products or services can be up-sold. It is not that up-selling has to be tried on each and every customer.

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