How To Unlock Profit With Split Testing

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The goal of every business in the world is to increase the conversion rate of their web pages and there is a method that can give them exactly what they are seeking, its called split testing. When your sales pages are just not generating the conversion rate that you expected, what can you do? Conversion rate is directly tied to the buying or clicking impulse of your readers and to be successful you have to find out exactly which elements of your site work and which don’t.

How Split Testing Works

In order for split testing to work you must split the traffic you get into two groups. Ok, now that we have 2 groups of traffic lets send each of them to a different version of the page that you want to test.

Getting the two groups to different pages is simple, all you have to do is change your marketing efforts to guide the groups to the desired destination. Changing your marketing might mean adjusting pay per click, referral links, buying traffic, article marketing or any form of marketing that you use.

When traffic begins to flow you will quickly discover which version commands a higher conversion rate.

When you have discovered which version is better at converting traffic you can dump the other. To increase conversion rate even more simply repeat the process over and over.

Elementary AB Split Testing

In its most simple form you present your traffic with two versions of your page and test different elements. Only being able to successfully test one element at a time is the big drawback to this form of split testing.

Multivariate Split Testing

Above we talked about simple A/B testing and though it does work there is always the limitation of testing only one element at a time. We are unable to test more than one variable using such an antiquated method.

Multivariate testing is a more modern way of testing many variables or elements all at once.

Multivariate split testing allows each viewer to see a somewhat different version of your site. When a reader decides to leave your site but comes back later they are shown the same page that they saw the first time, thanks to a browser cookie.

The task of finding the best elements of your site can be accomplished very quickly using multivariate split testing. The best part of using this type of testing is the sheer speed involved

Only testing one element or variable at a time is the weakness of A/B testing. Multiple element testing and quick results come with Multivariate testing.

If you want to increase conversion rate by 200% or more split testing is a tested and proven way to do it.

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