How to Turbocharge Your Sales, Get Lots of Customers and Make More Money in Your Business

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It is the hope of every business owner to not only rake in profits but consistent profits in his or her business. To achieve the maximization of profits, your business will need to explore every possible angle to make money while serving your customers. And this becomes possible when there is a strong line of communication between your customers and your business.

A research we carried out over a period of 12 months between February 2010 and February 2011 revealed quite interesting results. We tested with a customer data base of 10.000 and discovered that when there is a disconnect between your business and your customer, you lose all possible potentials for a future business but when a strong line of communication is maintained between a business and a customer, you create a customer relationship that ends up producing more profits from customers who vowed never to make a purchase.This sounds great! Doesn’t it? Although. keeping up a line of communication between a business and a customer is both time consuming, tricky and sometimes a difficult endeavor but if your business must generate more sales,rake in more profits while keeping the cost of obtaining new customers down to almost zero, then you must do just that. Now you may ask how do you establish a ‘STRONG LINE OF COMMUNICATION’ between your business and your customer? To do this, you have to explore CONTINUITY MARKETING and employ it in your business.

By continuity marketing, I mean using the Inter net instead of large format adverts, media buys (TV, radio ads) to create a soft sell advertising model where you gently persuade your customers usually by giving free samples, attractive packages, newsletter subscriptions, free trials etc over the Internet in exchange for contact information (usually first name, mail and phone). Once you have this, you can stay in touch every week till the customer responds to you. This improves your sales performance with time. It is a fact that a prospective customer will not buy your product or service until he/she has had contact with you at least 4 to 7 times. So if you have a new product or service you will need to push the product/service to the prospective buyer 4 to 7 times (should I say)until you get results. This fact creates the first problem for any business.

How do we stay in touch with the same 4 to 7 times to get the intended results of making a sale? You now have the answer. Don’t you? It is important to say that the moment you let a prospect go without proper follow up,that prospect will forget you and your business because today’s consumer has too many options and too many troubles to remember your offer (except in rare cases like medical or serious legal situations).

Once you do not stay in touch, he forgets about you and you lose any possible future business transaction with him/her. A good advantage continuity marketing gives you is that it helps you learn the needs of your customers and helps you provide tailor made solutions which they can pay for based on the trust you have built over the years. So let me ask, have you employed this strategy in your business lately? Why not try it out?

John Michael is a graduate of Business Administration and Management from the University of Lego n in Ghana.He has worked as a sales executive with several marketing companies.He is also an up coming affiliate marketer,a free lance writer having written several articles for local newspapers and magazines.You can visit his business websites for more valuable items.

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