How to Suggestively Upsell Products

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If you are looking for a way to increase your product sales by as much as 40% then you should be practicing suggestive add-on sales in your Direct Sales Business.

What is Suggestive Selling?

Suggestive Selling is enticing a customer to add on an additional product item to his/her product order, after you have received the customers order (in person or via phone).

The item should coincide with something they are ordering from you.

For example: Let’s say you sell scrapbooks and your customer orders a 12×12 scrapbook and some scrapbooking papers from you.

To upsell another product to your customer, you should say, “Jane, would you like to add on some paper adhesive to your order? We have glue dots and double stick tape on sale for $5.00?”

Two things to remember:

1. The item should be less than $10 that you are suggesting to the customer

2. The item should have something to do with what they are ordering ie. color matches, part of a set or collection and so forth.

At first, I wasn’t comfortable with doing suggestive selling, so I practiced with it. One of the ways I practiced this was to do it in front of a mirror and then I graduated to practicing it on family and friends.

I now do it 90% of the time in my home business and I get about 40-50% positive return on it with add-on orders.

When you go thru the drive thru at Fast Food Eateries and you order a hamburger and fries, before you leave they say “Would you like a soda with that?” That is what Suggestive Selling is all about and it does work!

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