How to Sell the Nervous Type Prospect

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To be able to sell someone we must first recognize the various types of prospects by their appearance, words, actions and personality. By observing these traits we can then build a strategy to sell them.

Let’s start with the type of person who appears to be high strung, nervous and irritable. This person never seems to look at you or pay attention to what you are saying. He is constantly fidgeting, looking around, has a grimace on his face if not a down right frown. He is easily annoyed at any attempt to uncover his needs or desires. He resents giving any type of meaningful information. He himself doesn’t know how to act towards you, how to answer or what to answer. Ever come across someone like this? I have many times.

This individual must be handled with extreme tact. He is capable of making a decision against you or what you are presenting for no apparent reason other than his nervousness. To handle a person with this type of a personality we must let him do most of the talking while we remain calm. Show him we are listening intently. Keep eye contact as best you can while he fidgets and always keep your aura of calm apparent. Do not disagree with him openly or you may spook him. Use suggestions to influence him. Act like you are partners looking for an answer.

A relaxed and deferential manner should soothe him. Talk quietly and deliberately like one partner to another. Never appear to be what he interprets as aggressive. Let him feel he is in control and all decisions are being made by him including the decision to buy which you carefully lead him to.

This is the first in a series of strategies to sell customers by their personality type.

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