How To Maximize Your Businesses Trade Show ROI Before You Even Set Up Your Trade Show Stands

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Marketing seminars have proven an invaluable promotional tool for companies looking to set themselves apart from their competition. Regardless of industry and vertical marketing, setting up trade show displays, trade show stands and even pop up displays at a regional or national promotional function can play a huge role in garnering the attention of a targeted client demographic and announcing your arrival as a player in a particular business arena.

Five Critical Pre-Event Preps Before Your Business Sets Up Trade Show Stands

Business leaders understand the importance of their exhibits and pop up displays in delivering a professional and memorable impression at a marketing seminar. However, providing the ultimate in trade show stands and/or pop up displays is only a piece of the overall puzzle. While these functions do reap major benefits, it’s no secret that attendees do have to absorb fairly significant costs and fees in order to attend each event. To ensure an optimal return on investment, a company must diligently perform the necessary prep work before the function to best complement their final performance at the actual exhibits.

The following is a list of five important objectives to keep in mind well before your company’s staff arrives at the event. Coordinating and executing these five pre-event items can ultimately help your business exceed the initial investment for participation.

• Create Your Objective List: Obviously, revenue generation ranks highest on this priority list. However, other items like networking, lead generation, new product introduction and even gauging the potency of other competitive players should all be action items at any given function. Put together a list of objectives in advance and ensure your staff understands who is responsible for completion.

• Update Your Marketing Material: Nothing screams incompetency like business cards and brochures plagued with mailing labels and handwritten notes hiding outdated information. Plan in advance to ensure that every detail of your business is up to date and guaranteed to make a professional impression on attendees who visit your pop up displays.

• Compile A Best Prospects List: Face to face interaction at an event is an excellent way to market yourself to that list of potential clients that you just haven’t been able to close the deal with yet. Take the time before the function to put together a list of your best potential clients to invite to the function.

• Design And Deliver A Memorable Invitation: Once the best prospects list is complete, send an invitation that they simply can’t refuse. While professionalism is paramount, the final invite can be fun and visually exciting to entice these potential business partners to come and check out your trade show displays!

• Strategize Staff Participation: It’s imperative to remember that your company’s trade show display’s overall impact may ultimately rest on the shoulders of the sales staff manning them. Select your most capable team members who are well versed in communicating who you are, what you do and why you do it better than anyone else in your industry.

Chris Harmen writes for Skyline Tradetec Chicago, the premiere vendor for Chicago trade show stands and pop up displays in Chicago and throughout the region.

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