How To Maximize ROI On Your Banners Stands And Trade Show Booths

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Setting up marketing trade show booths and/or banner stands at strategically selected promotional exhibitions is a great way to increase commercial visibility, size up the competition and target a business’ select demographic all at once. While the list of benefits for participating in a marketing event is diversely varied and lengthy, businesses may still feel reluctant to delve into this advertorial channel. Like most things in business, one of the most prominent limitations often revolves around bottom line impact.

For companies unfamiliar with the interworking of the exhibition circuit, purchasing displays and banner stands, coupled with the trade show installation fee may, at first, make is seem difficult to justify overhead costs. But seasoned participants recognize the value in this. Yes, trade show booths, banner stands and trade show installations can initially prove a sizeable investment for any business. However, this proven marketing approach, when wielded appropriately, can yield optimal results for companies of any size and in every industry.

Trade Show Booths And Banner Stands: Who, What, Where And Which

When it comes to successfully achieving maximum return on investment with any marketing display, demonstration or banner stands exhibit, companies need to consider these important W’s.

Who: As in, who are you and what do you do? As a business leader, you probably already have a well-crafted and specifically designed portfolio of promotional material that you readily and consistently share with both current and potential clients. When investing in a trade show booth, keep your already established brand and message consistent so those who already know you can find you, and those you don’t will easily be able to get to know you.

What: With professional trade show installation and development companies in every major metro area, the sky is the limit when it comes to design options for your exhibit and banner stands. While you may find yourself intrigued with a lot of display bells and whistles, choose wisely. Select options that directly promote your wares or functionally help you stand apart from the competition.

Where: When it comes to getting your marketing display noticed once you have arrived at the exhibit, it truly is all about location, location, location. Ask for a floor plan layout before the event so you and your team can strategize the best spot that’s available. If you are not offered a specific location choice, still request to see the layout. Examining the floor plan will still give you a great opportunity to understand the flow of the room, size up the competition and brainstorm ways on how to stand apart from the crowd.

Which: Industry specific and more generic regional expos abound in most busy commercial hubs. Gather up your staff and systemically determine which ones make the most sense for your organization to participate in. Analyze criteria such as cost, location, other vendors and targeted demographic to create a finalized list of events that will truly maximize your company’s trade show booth and banner stands’ return on investment.

Follow these W’s to craft an efficient strategy for success at all of your exhibitions and industry events. To make the most of your displays, select the best design, space and exhibition to accurately reflect your company and marketing campaign.

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