How-To Market Your Retail Store For Back-To-School

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Back to School shopping is a time when parents make the mad-dash for new school clothes and school uniforms. This is a great time to involve retail signage that features your seasonal merchandise and school necessities. August is the key time for back-to-school shopping and includes a well-accepted Tax Free Weekend for most states. Don’t be one of the businesses lost in the school rush. Use retail signs to help your store stand out during the school shopping craze.

The first thing you need to consider is what products you offer that can be great for back to school shoppers. Use your products like school supplies, backpacks, and apparel for advertisements. Have a professional photographer or designer create images of your products in back to school fashion for professional looking advertisements. You can use these images across all of your advertising.

If the majority of your students are attending a certain school, consider incorporating their school colors into your sign theme. This is a great way to show you offer products specific to them. If you’re not trying to reach out to a specific group of students, design your signs with bold natural colors. Use common school colors like orange, blue, green, and purple.

Use your store windows to emphasize your top holiday products and special holiday offers. Full size window advertisements with a perforated vinyl like one-way vision are a great way to set the scene for your products. Use these create a full picture of happy students looking great on their first day back to school thanks to your specific products. Window clings are another great way decorated your store and highlight your back-to-school sales.

Custom cut window clings to the shape of backpacks pencil boxes and hall passes for simple but fun window decorations. You can also use window clings to promote the dates for tax-free weekend, back to school dates, and local school supply lists. This is a great way to keep parents information and become a resource as well as a great place to shop. To further emphasize that you are the best place to shop for back to school is to add a vinyl banner that says just that! You can design a banner to hang across your storefront with your school sale information and top products.

The key to retail signage is to create a sign that is impactful but not overwhelming. A professional sign lets customers know that you are an honest, trusted, and professional business and a great spot to shop back to school supplies.

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