How To Manage Millennial Employees

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The millennial generation has finally come to the workplace, and you might have headaches in dealing with them. Relax, you are not alone. Well, considering these young workers (those born between 1986 and 1996), and the culture they grew up in (the personal technology era and an overly nurturing environment); you might have a big task in your hands (maybe bigger than you lead generation campaign). You might have more problems if they are doing telemarketing work, where the rewards can be small. Still, that should not intimidate you. You can motivate them in generating B2B leads properly. The business leads they get can be as good as those your older workers can get.

So, how do you do it?

1. Focus on the positive stuff – millennial workers are the type that thrives on positive reinforcement. You cannot get them to work more by threatening them or criticizing them. As a manager, you can do it this by telling them that their input is valuable, and their efforts are helping the firm reach its goals. They will feel needed and valued, spurring them to work harder in getting sales leads.

2. Manage each one accordingly – really, this rule also applies to other age groups. But while other groups can more or less be managed by a set standard, millennial ones will require a more personalized approach. Sure, this can be tiring, but this will translate to employees who can generate better business leads. They will appreciate that from you.

3. Flexibility is the rule – remember that millennial employees were raised in a rather liberal environment, where they believe they are entitled to their own opinions, are free to make their own decisions, and to know what a policy is all about. Learn to accept that, and let the rules serve only as guidelines, not the law. Forcing rigid policies on them will only alienate them.

4. Give them ownership – whether the task in lead generation is small or not, give them responsibility for it. You do not have to give them an entire task. At least you should give them something that will put full use of their knowledge, expertise, and decision-making ability. This will be appreciated by them, and in turn make them more committed to you and your company.

5. Be clear with instructions – if there is one thing that you might hate about millennial habits, it is their lack of understanding of vague rules. They prefer to get the instructions clear and crisp, with no vague terms. Sure, that may be a bit troublesome, but you have to do it if you want them to get their job right. Always remember that they are not you. Come to think of it, even those in the same generation as you will not get what you say if you are not clear enough.

There are plenty of other tips that you can add to the list. But at least you have a clear idea on what to do here now.

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