How to Make Hypnotic Party Flyers

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You only have about a 20 th of a second to grab people’s attention when advertising in today’s economy. Make sure you use some of these hypnotic elements when you design your party flyers and I can assure you that the response rates from your flyer advertising campaign will be better than average.

1) Subliminal messages. As you already know, persuasive writing copy is the most important element of your advertisement. When you get ready to craft the message for your party flyers, think of what your core customers want and need the most. Then turn those desires into dramatically positive benefits when crafting your message. The example below is one of the ways I would make a list of my prospects desires for my nightclub…

  1. Is he/she searching for a place to find their sole mate?
  2. Is he/she searching for a hot spot to socialize with friends?
  3. Are my prospects searching for a way to relax and unwind?
  4. Are they looking for a way to release their emotional energy?
  5. Are they searching for a new and exciting experience in their lives?
  6. Are they looking to socialize and meet new people?
  7. Are they looking for a club that plays great dance music?

As you can see from the example above, the more information you have about your readers desires, the easier it will be to craft a persuasive message for your party flyers design. In addition, the words in your list can be used in your writing copy as subliminal motivators to influence your readers to take action. For example, the words at the end of sentence seven (great dance music) have strong emotional impact. Everybody loves to dance to great music. Right?

2) Hypnotic graphic images. Use hypnotic graphic images to grab people’s attention when you create your party flyers design. Emboss your graphics to give your party flyers design a 3-D effect if you can afford the cost. No matter what type of current mind state your prospects are in, graphics that STICK OUT are proven to capture people’s attention. Another option would be to emboss your flyers headline. The majority of advertisements that people see are flat. Therefore, when they see your headline sticking out it will immediately draw their attention.

Using subliminal writing copy and graphic images in your party flyers design is one of the most effective ways of getting people to respond to your advertisements. Use these ideas to get your creative juices flowing and before you know, you will have created a party flyer design that produces HUGE response rates.

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