How to Keep Track of Cleaning Accounts

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Keeping track of cleaning accounts involves the ones you are trying to get and the ones you already have. Detailed notes should be kept about the new accounts you are trying to get. Either keep this information on index cards or keep it on your computer but keep detailed notes on prospective customers.

Not just names and addresses but the decision maker’s personal name, fax number, email address and phone number. Once you submit a bid or give your price to a potential new customer, keep notes about it. How often was it to be cleaned? What was the price of your estimate?

What was the date of your estimate? When did you last communicate with them and how did you do it? Phone call, letter, post card or whatever, keep your notes
and keep them updated.

Regarding accounts that you already have. Who has paid you and who owes you money? Always make a note on a calendar of when you actually gave them your invoice. You may mail it or leave it on the desk of the correct person who actually pays it but make a note of when you did this.

There are different ways of keeping track of invoices. Some people like to use a software program such as Quicken. Use whatever you like to keep organized but be sure to do it. What I like using is very simple. It is an old school way of doing it but it works very well for me. You may like it too.

On a calendar put a large circle in the box, on the date that your invoice went out. The circle symbol stands for the word “out”. This means that your invoice has been put out. In small print, write the name of the account or the name of the customer inside the circle.

When you get paid or when the check comes in, put a large check symbol inside of the large circle. The check symbol stands for the actual check that you have received or was mailed to you. I use a dark colored felt tip marker for this. This way you will know exactly what is going on all the time. If someone is late in paying you, you’ll know it from a quick glance at your calendar. If someone is late in paying you just call them to find out what is going on. Maybe they forgot or became to busy with other things.

A friendly phone call and reminder will get them back on track right away. If you only put out your bill once a month, you should never have to wait a month to get paid. One week is reasonable to wait. After that I would give them a call to see if or when they mailed your check.

These simple ways of keeping track of cleaning accounts are very effective. Give them a try.

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