How To Integrate Smartphone Apps Into Trade Show Booths And Conferences

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Smartphones have flooded our society and consumers are looking for businesses to become more and more interactive through smartphone apps. Introducing smartphone apps and functionality into your trade show booth will allow visitors to gain more information about your company without the need for a staffer. There are a number of apps available to make it easier for visitors to navigate conferences, obtain company and product information, and network with like-minded people.

Include QR Codes In Your Trade Show Booths

A QR code is a black and white symbol that users scan with their smartphone, and an app like QR App or DC Scanner converts that code into an action; this could be directing the user to a website, opening up an executable file, or providing the user with a coupon.The possibilities are endless! Working QR codes into your exhibits allows even attendees who are just walking by to scan and keep moving, taking your content with them. Users like them because it’s always a surprise as to what they’ll get, similar to a ‘DVD Easter Egg’ function: you’ll like it because you can essentially lead users exactly to where you want them.

Business Card Reading Apps Revolutionize The Rolodex

An attendee wandering around trade show exhibits could leave the conference with hundreds of business cards and wind up throwing away 99% of them. Suggest a business card reader app on one of your portable displays letting them try it out for the first time with your business card. These apps allow users to catalog contacts in multiple ways making them much less likely to lose the contact information of a booth that really caught their eye.

Trade Show Booths Include Live Broadcast Apps

If you have digital, dynamic exhibits at conferences, you’ll want to know about apps like UStream, a live broadcast app where you can upload demos, video presentations, or announcements. With apps like this, both attendees and those not present at your conference can see what you have to say, allowing users to take exhibits with them depending on the content you upload.

Planning Apps For Trade Show Booths And Exhibits

Part of utilizing apps is to increase productivity, as well as interaction with your end user. There are a number of apps out there, such as Grupio, which allows you to plan, schedule, and mobilize your conference event with a few touches to a smartphone screen. You can also create schedules for your event, event staff, or yourself to stay on track and allows you to share info from trade your show booth directly to your end users’ phones.

Add The Location Of Your Exhibits To FourSquare

A recent fad in the world of smartphones is ‘checking in’ with apps like FourSquare. This app allows you to let your followers know where you are, and also tells you who is in the same place you are. Create a FourSquare ‘location’ inside the venue so that users can ‘check in’ when they visit you. This also allows attendees to map themselves directly to your booth, which is much better than a paper map!

Chris Harmen is a writer for Skyline, experts in Canada trade show booths. Skyline offers full service exhibits and portable displays in Canada for every industry.

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