How to Improve Your Advertising Using Outdoor Media – Part 5 – Bring a Buffet

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Very recently we were reminded first-hand of the importance of having choices.

A new client who traditionally relied on local newspapers was looking for some changes and options.

The same old/same old had grown tired and business for them was suffering as a result.

We brought a fresh approach and we urge you in your marketing to keep several options at the ready. We’d like to share our experience with you in the hope it provides some inspiration or guidance.

This client had been predisposed to looking for something new. However, within a modest $35K annual budget, they were conscious of not being able to make as big a splash as they’d like.

We were recommending the Outdoor media which gives you HUGE profile very quickly. It instantly elevates you head and shoulders above the competition and literally above the city giving you increased visibility.

Because this client is a low-key, niche medical services provider, the media had to work hard, be efficient, be targeted to cover multiple clinic locations in the market, and have some longevity to extend the message.

We knew we had to take this campaign outdoors to give the geographic coverage we wanted. And importantly, by knowing our time period, we knew ad rates would be down substantially in the first quarter.

(FYI-usually post holidays is a great time for savings on Outdoor.)

Now, when you’re doing your planning, we urge you to consider going in with more than one strategy. You want to show you’ve done your homework, anticipated the client’s needs, and brought worthwhile contenders.

Don’t bring filler, or junk options just to make your preference look best.

If the client ends up choosing the one that is not your first choice, you still have to be able to deliver everything you said you would do. Make every option a solid, rationalized, powerful selection.

Here’s an example how we approached this project. We were thrilled to present three (3) very strong, budget conscious, out of home advertising recommendations:

1) A campaign which utilized forty, 4′ X 6′ Transit Shelters.

2) A campaign which utilized fifty, 10′ X 20′ Horizontal Posters.

3) A campaign which utilized sixty, 13″ X 17″ vertical signs in fitness clubs.

Any of these would have been excellent at fulfilling their objectives.

All were within a few hundred dollars of the budget ceiling.

We presented each of these with equal passion as we should have.

Thankfully we did because the option we expected was not the one the client choose and that’s fine. It proved a powerful campaign. It reinforced the importance of providing choices. In every market, for every client, there is certainly no shortage of media options to select from. Yet even within a narrower field of Outdoor, we still had several bonafide candidates for our client to choose from.

We encourage you reader- whether you’re in marketing, media, agency side, client side, to give consideration to multiple advertising candidates.

Not so many that you are overwhelmed. But mimicking the above, three solid options gives the purchaser enough variety to consider different looks.

A chance to see what their budget can purchase in each media.

As well as an opportunity for you to look heroic by providing multiple solutions in your media buffet.

When you provide multiple options- all of them strong enough to stand on their own, you ensure a greater chance of success. Additionally you earn the confidence of your clients by showing you have several aces, and have thought of more than one way to fulfill their objectives.

Dennis Kelly is President of First Impressions Media. Your Trusted Authority for information to improve your current or next campaign in all media. Visit for several FREE PDF’s to help you get your best performance from every ad dollar. First Impressions Media. Your Advertising. Well Planned. Well Spent.

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