How To Improve The Results From Your Email Marketing Campaigns

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Email marketing campaigns are one of the sharpest tools in your tool box for ramping up results from your marketing efforts.

But we all know that getting our emails opened is becoming increasingly difficult and as consumers ourselves we can well understand why. Both the volume and range of topics we are bombarded with means we just have to be selective or we’ll never get anything done.

So it’s easy to put yourself in your client’s shoes and think about their “elimination” process when you are putting your email campaigns together.

Which means you need to treat your marketing emails as far more than a one way – or once off – communication. In fact this is essential if you want to increase your open rates and get your sales messages read. Obviously this will increase your response rates and of course your chances for a sale.

Here are 5 tips to improve results to your email campaigns

1. Focus on the outcome you want

Ask yourself this question “what do I want my reader to do as a result of receiving this email”?

This is where many marketers fail in their campaign. Many think they want a sale – when really they want to get the prospect to take the next step in the sales process.

So get clear about the purpose of your email and specifically what action you want your reader to take. Then your copy will flow towards that and not lose focus trying to do too many jobs.

2. Put yourself in your client’s shoes

Have a client perspective when you are putting your email marketing campaigns together.

This will make sure what you say and how you say it is the most appealing for them and not just full of you and your product or service. Which means you will be tuned into their radio station WIIFM or “what’s in it for me”.

3. Remember, the role of your subject line is to get your email opened

If your prospective client doesn’t open your email then even the best crafted persuasive message will fall on deaf ears. So make sure your “subject line” does it’s job!

One warning. Be authentic and relevant – there’s nothing more annoying than opening an email only to find you’ve been mislead.

4. Grab your reader’s attention in the opening paragraph

Now that you have your reader inside your email don’t blow it with a boring introduction – grab their attention with something enticing that builds on the “subject line”. Then lead onto the next paragraph, and so on throughout the body of the email – all the way to the mandatory PS.

5. Track and measure results

Quite simply, if you don’t track your results you will never know what works and what doesn’t. And the good news is it’s an easy thing to do. Not only will you be able to see your open rates but depending on your email system you should also be able to track the clicks on the hyper links.

Implement these tips and you are bound to improve the results from your marketing email campaigns.

Small business marketing expert Kathleen Ann is the “Marketing Champion for small Business and entrepreneurs.” As a Certified Money, Marketing and Soul Coach Kathleen delivers breakthrough marketing strategies so heart-centered entrepreneurs can Brand, Package and Price their services to quickly create more money, time and freedom in their business. For free articles, free resources and to sign up for her free audio and transcript “7 Must Know Secrets to Business Branding Success”, essential Branding strategies to help you attract qualified ideal clients in droves, visit

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