How to Identify a Niche for Your String Quartet

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Whether you are planning to form a string quartet or already have an existing group of such musicians, promoting it perpetually is essential for success. Just like in any field, competition in this field is fierce and leaves no room for the timid. However, you don’t have to be a marketing guru or hire one for that instance to have a chance in successfully promoting your group. You just need to do a little research, some brain storming, and implement some adjustment and marketing plans; you might increase bookings and annual income dramatically.

Identify a Niche

Identifying a commercially viable niche that your string quartet can dominate will give your group its bread and butter. If done right, this could potentially keep you occupied and make you loads of money for a very long time until someone figures out how to steal your market. But even though a new and better competition comes along your way, they might still find it really tough to compete with you as you have already made your mark. Countless great inventors, engineers, and scientists have invented far better lighting solutions than the incandescent light bulb, but none of them come even close to the prestige and popularity of Thomas Alva Edison. This analogy applies with marketing your product as well.

Where to Start

String quartet niches may come in different forms like regions covered, music genre, event specialties, or group variations. One way of doing this is by identifying something that makes your group unique. It could be that you are an all-female group and that you have strong inclinations to modern and rock music. On regional niches, London and Glasgow in the UK for example have great market potentials, but the competition there is extremely fierce as well. By looking at surrounding areas or even by looking inwards, you may find booming locations that are yet to be tapped. If you could concentrate your marketing campaign on that particular spot, you might be able to greatly increase that booking rates.

Seizing the Opportunity

It does not mean that you have to do a complete overhaul of your group to focus on a single niche. What it most needs most of the time is just a few tweaks so that your group is fine-tuned to cater a market space that the competition has failed to satisfy yet. Consumer preferences are ever changing, so there are always new market spaces waiting for ensembles to tap. It is your duty to identify that and take full advantage of these opportunities before others do.

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