How To Get People To Speak Positively On Your Behalf

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As a personal or business brand, you’ve probably realized that word of mouth marketing is what drives sales today. Advertisements have lost their impact, as more and more people rely on the feedback of others before purchasing a product or service. People are doing their research – they are typing your name into Google Search, and reading what other people are saying about you. They are asking their friends, colleagues and acquaintances about their experience with your brand.

Now, if only all of your loyal customers and clients were to speak positively on your behalf both online and off, then you will surely get more clients and customers as your brand’s reputation soars high. But the problem is, how do you get more people to do this, to spread the word about your brand and their great experience of it?

Sadly, it seems that the ones who have a bad experience of your brand are the ones who really like getting their opinion out there, while most people who are happy with your products or services simply remain quiet about it. So how do you encourage these people to talk about your brand?

Pay attention to get attention

You see, even if you update your Facebook page regularly, tweet a lot, and post on your blog every day, are you really sure that your audience is paying attention? If you really want to encourage people to talk about your brand, then what you should be doing is paying attention to them.

You need to build relationships with your loyal customers, clients and followers. These are the people who are most likely to speak positively about your brand, so you should remember to communicate and cultivate a relationship with them. Go through your social media accounts and look for people who are really passionate about your brand. Using Twitter Search, for example, and finding out who’s mentioning you, is a good way to find your potential brand advocates.

Talk to these people and engage them. Express an interest in hearing what they think about your brand, and ask them for suggestions. Make these people feel special, because they are. The more positive their experience with your brand, the more likely they are to spread the word about it to other people.

Customer service

Another way to build better relationships with your consumers is to give them excellent customer service. Make sure that you offer a good platform for them to ask their questions and air out their concerns. Also, ensure that you address their questions as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Sometimes, all you need to do to get people talking positively on your behalf is to ask. After all, if these people really enjoy your product or service, and you have really helped them in some way, then they’d surely be willing to talk about your brand. So ask them. Put up a post on your blog or an update in your social media accounts asking help from your loyal followers to spread the word about your brand. You may be surprised that a lot of people are willing to go the extra mile for you since you helped them out.

The worst thing you can do is ignore these people, since they are your potential brand advocates who can take your personal or business brand to new heights. So make sure your brand is driven by word of mouth marketing by engaging with your customers and clients well.

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