How to Find Affordable Advertising For Your Business

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Affordable advertising isn’t a myth. Many companies can put together a competitive marketing strategy with a small budget. It just requires creativity and a little internet know-how.

1) Cut Out Print Advertising.

Refocus your advertising dollars to methods that work. Your ad in the Yellow Pages? Unless your demographic hasn’t whole-heartedly adopted Google as their makeshift phone book, that ad is expensive and wasteful. Switch to locally targeted ads that are displayed in search results by Google and the other major search engines.

Paying for a spot on a restaurant’s menu or in the newspaper? How are you distinguishing new clients coming in through those mediums from word of mouth or other marketing efforts? If you can’t tell whether or not the campaign is working, cut your losses or find a way to track results.

Print advertising is often overpriced, and its results are often hard to track compared to online advertising models that let you “pay per click”.

2) Find freebies that work.

If your company’s throwing money into promotional items, make sure you’re investing in items that accomplish your goals. Some companies sell branded promotional USB drives for less than the cost of printing t-shirts or hats destined for donation boxes and closet floors. Magnetic business cards can earn your company precious space on refrigerators while a cheap pen dies quick and then gets lost or tossed.

3) Beware the Lure of Coupons.

Coupons sound like a budget-conscious advertising incentive. After all, to get the sale, customers need to buy your product or services and thanks to the internet, you can offload the printing costs onto the customers themselves.

Just be careful. While coupons are a hot trend and group based deal sites remain popular ways to drive traffic in, there’s no data to suggest those patrons stick around for your services after the loss-leading initial offer. Selling 5000 widgets at below cost only works when a percentage of those widget buyers come back for another helping at full cost. Otherwise, you’re only losing money.

Use the sale to get customers in the door cheap, but make sure you give them a reason to come back.

4) Get Social, Stay Social.

Some of the best marketing today can be done online through social media networks at little to no cost for business owners. You can generate content for blogs, tweet urgent links, engage in ongoing customer communication via Facebook, harness the power of business to business sales using LinkedIn, and network with industry and professional leaders on forums and message boards.

Unless you choose to outsource these tasks, you or your staff can work these efforts into your scheduled workflow for almost no money. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other forms of social media host your account for free, as will many blog providers.

In conclusion, consider alternatives to your current expensive ad campaigns, and embrace results-oriented internet marketing or the power of social networks. Affordable business advertising is not just a myth.

Joann Carlisle is a writer who looks forward to sharing her knowledge and advice with readers. For more on affordable business options, The Credit Courier offers readers information on how to find affordable business insurance.

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