How to Do Phone Number Verification

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Phone number validation comes in many forms, including Web-based, programmable services that validate phone number to improve the quality of your contact database and to eliminate invalid telephone numbers at the point of entry. But let’s delve on the wide spectrum of ways phone numbers are validated for successful marketing or smooth business operations.

Online phone number validation services establish the existence of a given telephone number. A form of Turing test may be used, further determining if a human answers or an answering equipment like FAX, modem, voicemail, or answering machine is used.

Phone verification exists due to spamming, sockpuppetry, underage signups, and illegal operations and activities like fraud, scams, and harassment. Additionally, any verification operation that sells contact numbers generated via marketing will obtain a premium for its useful list of “clean numbers.” For one, call center outbound phone campaigns will conserve time and resources through bypassing undefined or mechanized equipment numbers.

Real-time check of telephone numbers entered into an online signup form can also be done through the implementation of an AJAX type call to a phone number validation service as the form is still being completed.

Fraud is prevented by matching an online customer to the telephone number owner. This is to establish true ownership. Thwarting these fraudulent purchases – usually involving stolen credit card details – is most useful and has increasing value to online store operators and managers, banks and credit card processors, and those in related transactional fields.

There are different methods employed to validation phone number entries. In a line test, you make an aborted call to the subscriber line. An automated service, it checks for ringback tones, answered call, busy signals, voicemail, or network-operated messages like “The number you dialed is not yet in service.” The international service also covers mobile phones.

A JavaScript function can also check if a telephone number has a valid format, such as if it has an international dialing prefix, a valid country code, and the right length of a telephone number.

Perhaps the most cost-effective is a verification service that will allow you to integrate telephone information into your website, CRM database, and other business contact dependent processes. The specific features include resolving telephone numbers to 1,000 number blocks, returning line types (landline, wireless or VoIP), returning telephone service provider and its geographic information, and supplemental exchange data compiled from United States and Canadian telephone service providers.

With any phone number validation service, the benefits can be immense, including identifying your best leads, eliminating bad contacts, and improving customer conversion rates.

Learn more about phone number validation and how it can help your business reduce fraudulent orders and chargebacks.

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