How to Determine the Size of Your Paper Carrier Bags

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One of the most important aspects of paper carrier bags is its size. The size of the paper bag will greatly affect the outcome of its use not only as a promotional tool for your advertising strategies but also as a means of storage. Moreover, with the right size you can guarantee that your paper bags will be fit for the long haul.

Custom bags can be ordered to your specifications. Depending on your needs, leading bags manufacturer will go to great lengths just to give and cater all your paper bag needs. Before you decide on how big or how small your bags will be, consider the following:

Promotional Value

Should you decide to use your paper carrier bags as you primary means of advertising your products or services, then in this case bigger is definitely better. Bigger paper carrier bags are more visible compared to smaller ones thereby optimizing its use as your main promotional tool. Not only that, with bigger printing space, you can afford to write as many details about your company as possible like your company’s mission and vision statement, slogan and even contact numbers. Obviously, a smaller paper carrier bag can offer lesser printing opportunities.


As source of your paper bags, you will know what are the possible items the user will put inside the bags. Meaning to say, you will then be able to approximate the load the paper bags will have to endure. But the catch is the heavier the load, the smaller the paper bag should be. The explanation to this is quite rudimentary. Since the paper bag is deemed to carry heavier items, then you must order for smaller paper carrier bags in order to limit the user from overloading the bag. You see, as long as we can see a vacant space it is but natural to stuff too many objects into it and later realizing that it has already overloaded beyond its capacity.

If the bags will carry light materials like paper then you can afford to use bigger paper bags. This is because even if more light materials are stuffed into the vacant space the bag will still maintain its integrity.

On the other hand, heavy materials can easily rupture the bottom of the paper bag if the bag is bigger than it should be. Over-sized bags would lull people into thinking that it can support heavier load. Keep in mind we are talking about bags here. Therefore, to prevent possible overloading you must make sure that the size of the carrier wouldn’t result to its own destruction.


Lastly, you have to bear in mind the fund you are willing to shell out for your paper carrier bag orders. Obviously, the bigger the bag the more expensive it will be. But again, if the paper carrier bag will play an integral role in your advertising promotions then you can risk spending more but of course never too much.

When it comes to paper carrier bag, size does really matter. So be keen on deciding on how small or how big your bags will be. For available paper carrier bag sizes online, visit this link: printed carrier bags

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